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So risk off, i have 4080 es as line in sand

I believe fed is increasing its buybacks of money supply 

 from 35billion to 85 billion er month but dont quote me on that exact stat

that's good to know that Trump had some foresight thent too.   too hard to drain the swamp from what I've read

Welcome  matsch13, wishing you and your citizens the best this winter! I think I also read China's having problems too and adding angst to the global secene and Germany is also heavily dependent on china.  talks of stagflation globally

HI Anjali25, yes, im still holding my Vix Calls for sept.  looking good. ,; call debit spreads too. zero hedge advised a global hedge as well

Thanks for tip

VIX and the uncorrelation indicator

Posted by imelhoe on 22nd of Aug 2022 at 09:08 pm

Thanks for tip

Thanks , will have to

VIX and the uncorrelation indicator

Posted by imelhoe on 22nd of Aug 2022 at 09:07 pm

Thanks , will have to investigate 

Hi Matt , do we

VIX and the uncorrelation indicator

Posted by imelhoe on 22nd of Aug 2022 at 08:28 pm

Hi Matt , do we have a newsletter for tonight and I don’t get these sent to my email . how is the usual delivery of newsletters ?
Also can you pls post the link that describes how to interpret the Vic signals closing out of the band and then back in . What does it mean when you say it’s a buy signal. Is it a buy of the VIX or a buy of spy ? I forgot to remind Steve on Saturday to over it in his newsletter . Thanks 

Sorry about tht.  You can look him up in utube presentation from 8/17/22, TG Watkins, Director of options trading at Simpler Trading, : it was very interesting how staglation and inflation affected those market s back in 1962  for about a decade and more .  he also  saw a formation of a megaphone then too and referred to what Michael Burry referred to as the bullwhip effect.

Hey Market Pilot,

Let’s go back in history to look at the ’70s and when inflation was a big deal.

Since we are in a similar period of inflation and QT (quantitative tightening), I thought it would be good to look back at that era and see what the charts looked like so we can better understand what we might be experiencing in the coming years.

Will there be a bullwhip effect as the Federal Reserve (Fed) chases inflation? Let’s take a look…Traders can learn a great deal by reviewing historical economic events – decades ago or more recently – especially when combined with the Moxie Indicator™ Mastery Program. The goal is to work through and trade whether the market is up or down. Check out the market movement today!

Hi, an opposing view to yours from TJWatkins of simpler.  he sees similrities to 60s and 70s inflation data and graphs.  Check that out too.,period%20of%20inflation...

Hi Matt, i didn't see

LABD follow up

Posted by imelhoe on 18th of Aug 2022 at 10:05 am

Hi Matt, i didn't see a newsletter from last night.  where did you post it pls.  very strange as you guys usually have a daily newsletter.  Pls comment

Hi Matt,in trading the systems as separate stocks/symbols, is it better to avoid the option trades assoc with the stock, and just do the etf? or super leveraged etf?  if you can post an example of this, i would appreciate it.  TIA

Sure thing, hope Matt gets


Posted by imelhoe on 12th of Aug 2022 at 02:22 pm

Sure thing, hope Matt gets better soon to relieve you

Thanks Steve, i really would


Posted by imelhoe on 12th of Aug 2022 at 02:20 pm

Thanks Steve, i really would appreciate that.!looking forward to the video

Hi Steve or Matt, can


Posted by imelhoe on 12th of Aug 2022 at 02:10 pm

Hi Steve or Matt, can you pls explain the VIX buy and sell signals for the newbies here?  Thanks cos i'm trying to learn to read this right, i agree the markets are getting pretty stretched now.  would a lower vix signal mean to get ready to sell the spy?

Tks very much 24kau, most helpful to learn the lingo of VIX signals! Gracias!

Hi EdZ, does that mean spy will sell off on a VIX buy ?  sorry i/m not very well versed in the VIX signals; fairly new here. Tks for anyone's help!

NIce call on that DigiNomad, i took one short call spread last week and making good on it now.  !!

tks very much for your analysis!!

Hi Digi Nomad , are you using august 19 expirtion for your spx call credit spreads or Sept 1?


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