Webinar: Higher Low DVT Stops

I held a live webinar where I discussed our previous 401K Paint Dry Systems and evolution into more of a dynamic daily system utilizing higher low DVT stops. I also showed you the new format I'm using which is very simple yet very powerful and visually easy to understand at a glance. I also went over how this methodology can be used really to trade any instrument or stock without changing any settings.  Anyway last weeks webinar was recorded however if you attended that live webinar you know that we were plagued with technical issues.  Thus instead of sending out that recording, I went ahead and re recorded a webinar by myself on the weekend that is smooth, without technical issues, and I also address some of the questions from the live webinar.  

Here's a link to the recorded webinar

This webinar is a bit long, just over an hr long, however it's detailed and hopefully gives you a better look at everything over the one from last week.  Honestly I could have cut a good 15 - 20 min off the end but I hope you still find it informative. Obviously this is something to watch in your off time such in the evening etc


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