Hi Matt, thanks for your comments,  Was there an alert of post from the mechanical system to go long on spy or ES, cos i check the newsletters and the blog but don't see anything unless I did miss something.  I am also confused by the KISS system cos you said not to follow it as we are in a bear market.  I  would like a refresher so i know how to best use this newsletter and signals.  something you had suggested to a newer member today.  could you maybe make and post  a recording sometime on how to use the signals ? TIA

    I listen to most of

    Posted by timebandit on 29th of Mar 2023 at 10:45 pm

    I listen to most of the newsletters. When the QQQs went long on the daily KISS system it was mentioned in several of the newsletters at that time. I have found that to be the case with the QQQs and $SPX KISS during my time as a subscriber. The buys and sells are mentioned in the newsletters multiple times when they go long or close out.

    Yes as Timebandit mentioned kiss

    Posted by arun on 30th of Mar 2023 at 06:11 am

    Yes as Timebandit mentioned kiss systems did go long and it was mentioned. Same thing happened last year too.
    The only thing that I noticed last year was even though kiss systems went long , it wasn’t updated in 401k systems page but was mentioned in newsletters.  I had asked that question in the community as well but didn’t get a response. Maybe it was overlooked. 

    IBD reputation has been seriously

    Posted by te22 on 29th of Mar 2023 at 10:44 pm

    IBD reputation has been seriously sullied in recent years. Gil Morales, a disciple of William O’Neill, mocked IBD‘s “follow-through“ methodology not too long ago.

    While fundamental analysts, and investors, focus on earnings growth/decline, and valuation relative to growth rate, capturing alpha with a divergent view relative to the consensus, it seems that technical analysis better captures the equally important (more important?) aspect of how much liquidity is in the system, and what portion of that liquidity wants to be risk-on.


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