BPT is the Money Multiplier

BPT has been and is my technical reference to the stock market since 2011.  The weekend newsletter gives me the top down view and reminds me of current events both technical and fundamental.  Daily newsletters prep me for the next market day by alerting me to current trends and potential breakouts and breakdowns over various time frames.  I listen to the opening market comments; review of Indexes, Sectors, et al; SPX charts; and some of the other charts that catch my interest.  The moneymaker for me is SPY Pro, SPY KISS, and market trend activity over various time frames.  I've spent many a $ on other newsletters and advice that comes and goes over time.  BPT maintains its relevancy adapting to the market regardless if you're trading 3 or 4-times a year, Swing trading, Daily trading, or Day Trading.  Ready to make a trade?  Check the Community to see what the real pros are thinking.

David Davis, Member since 04/29/2011
I couldn't imagine a better comprehensive technical analysis

The Market Comes to You

BPT gives me market pivots and targets to carry out my plan with confidence and success. I watch my swing trades come to me and have confidence executing as a result. I couldn't imagine a better comprehensive technical analysis. Steve and Matt pride themselves on precision, accuracy, experience, and results and its making me money. On top of the impeccable analysis, I have never seen other educators or traders who have systems that do 80-90% PLUS winners, and publicly predicted major bear markets well in advance. Their success speaks for itself. 

John Loewen, Member since 01/25/2021
The team at Breakpoint does an exceptional job

Breakpoint's technical analysis is excellent. I've been an institutional bond trader for almost 50 years using technical analysis to support positioning decisions.  In June of this year, I joined Breakpoint and have been very impressed with their thorough approach to explaining their view of the price action in the market. Technical analysis can be very misleading but the team at Breakpoint does an exceptional job of helping the investor follow the trends.

William Frazier, Member since 06/21/2022
BPT is a place where traders acquire their education

Matt & Steve are the hardest working guys I have came across in my career.  Both work very hard, deliver great analysis and so personable to talk to. BPT is a place where traders acquire their education from the best of the best traders, learn and continue to improve. Great community with like minded traders. By the way, they are not only great traders but they are great human beings too. 

jay s, Member since 09/21/2014
My highest recommendation

As a long standing member, I can honestly say that Matt & Steve's service is top notch. Their track record speaks for itself, but there is more--a lot more. Daily market newsletters that cover a wide range of data points, including in depth chart analysis, all sector views, crypto and commodities analysis. Then there is the COMMUNITY.  Like minded investors with intelligent input to go along with Matt & Steve's numerous comments so you can time the market better, if you choose to do so. I use this service every day! You think you know the market until you interact with Matt & Steve--then you realize what knowledge really is, and how to devise a plan to make money. My highest recommendation.

andy bernstein, Member since 11/02/2009
I particularly like the accuracy of the stock market index forecasts

I have been a member for several years and I particularly like the accuracy of the stock market index forecasts provided by Breakpoint Trades. I find the guidance provided is very helpful for swing trades and it has also helped me profit  from taking some shorter trades.   Doug Lambert

Doug Lambert, Member since 12/05/2008
I have tried many services but nothing comes close

I have been a member for many years.  Steve and Matt both have educated me and guided me with their charts and in depth analysis.  Their insights are second to none.  I have tried many services but nothing comes close.  It is a great value.  I don't have time to review charts on daily basis but there weekend review are so thorough that you know exactly what your options are in coming days or weeks.  I kept me out of Market both in 2008 and Now including my 401K.  I went to cash in Jan 2022 priestly based on there guidance and have saved me a lot of money.  Even if you just take the long term insights they provide they will guide you to keep you in big trends on the upside and in cash on big trend on the downside.

Nilesh Patel, Member since 07/13/2016
The best site for beginners as well as experienced traders

The best site for beginners as well as experienced traders 

as a member for over 10 years I give it a five star rating. Matt and Steve are market innovators with technical trading systems and indicators that no one else have.

Bill L. Moeshlin, Member since 03/30/2008
Nothing comes close to providing the trade guidance, education and market insight

I have been a member for over 10 years.  During that time, I have tried many services costing up to 5 times the price of Breakpoint Trades, and nothing comes close to providing the trade guidance, education and market insight.  This service is applicable to a investment beginner, as well as an experienced day trader.  They cover it all.  If you want to just be given trade directions, BPT has "System Trades" where you are specifically told when and what to buy/sell.  If you want to Day Trade, they provide constant ideas and market information throughout the trading day in the "Community".  Matt and Steve will even discuss questions you may have, personally, by message or even by phone.

Again, after a decade of trying different services, I am dropping my last "other service" this year; and, will solely be using BPT for my investment needs.

Ray Mathis, Member since 05/24/2012
I give BPT my highest recommendation

BreakpointTrades has given me valuable time back in my life and my trading results have greatly improved. 

For trading, the SPY system trades are my favorite. All I need to do is take the notification and execute the trade, then go back to my life and wait for the next notification on what to do next. 

There is truly something for everyone on the site, so much education, newsletters, and mentorship throughout the days in the trading community. I've learned to trade on shorter term time frames, how to manage my trades, and my emotions. The support in getting questions answered is fantastic. I've made some friendships and enjoy hearing other members' insights, strategies, and perspectives. 

Matt and Steve have done an incredible job of navigating this difficult market and they were way ahead of the game giving ample warning in order that I could manage our IRAs. They have done a consistently fantastic job over the years.

I give BPT my highest recommendation. Have a plan, execute it, and enjoy life. 

Michael Bozic, Member since 09/07/2020
The One and Only Trading website, which is suitable for all kinds of traders

I have been with breakpoint trades for about 15 years. Matt and Steve are absolutely phenomenal. THEY WORK REALLY HARD TO GET THE INFORMATION TO YOU AS LONG AS YOU FOLLOW WHAT THEY WANT YOU TO DO, You will make money! No doubt about it. What works for me is the ES/SPY systems, they are absolutely astounding, phenomenal etc. I trade only part-time, so cannot focus on trade ideas that much.  The website is easy to follow and a lot of helpful members in the community to help you and support you. I wish I had more time to follow the trade ideas. Pricing is absolute a steal according to me. The education that you from the website will definitely make you a better trader, I have no doubt about it, as long you put in some time and follow the trade ideas and systems.

PRASAD KATTA, Member since 11/16/2009
You will learn more and earn more when you participate with the BPT community

I have never encountered a better opportunity to learn about my own meager finances at work, play, and risk in today's markets. I have been a very willing subscriber for 15 years, and I only regret that they did not offer me a "life-time membership" fifteen years ago before the 2008 housing debacle when I first became a member. I actually paid considerably more money in 2007 for a "3 month trial membership" than you'll pay today to join BPT and become an active member of the community.  You do not have to "trust me," but you ought to know that you'll have a very difficult time finding any "financial journalists" or 'Informational" trading services that compare to what Break-Point Trades will do for you. Specifically, you will learn more and earn more when you participate with the BPT community. I have, and I believe you will too.

Robert Driscoll, Member since 04/30/2007
What I really appreciate is their focus on each subscriber developing his or her own trading approach and plan

A friend recommended Breakpoint Trades to me a couple years ago. He said he had been a member for years and not only had it had helped him make a lot of money trading futures, it had also kept him out of trouble many times. I gave it a try, and boy was he right! Matt and Steve provide market insight and perspective that helps me understand the overall context of what's happening in the market as well as the details that help me with my individual trades. What I really appreciate is their focus on each subscriber developing his or her own trading approach and plan. I have become a better trader as a subscriber to BPT because Matt and Steve have this philosophy. They provided the space for that growth to occur through their market perspectives and the education they offer, but it was up to me to teach myself how to operate within that construct. The nice thing is that as I have gotten better (as reflected in my trading account), I still derive a lot of value from the service they provide. It’s not like I’ve graduated and now need to move on to a more advanced class. That’s a really tough thing to pull off—-a service that can be relevant and offer value to a broad range of experience. So kudos to them! They have created a great resource for making money in the markets.

WILLIAM BURCK, Member since 06/05/2020
Matt and Steve are the best in the business

I have followed these guys for a few years now and  their trading skills and knowledge are world class. I have wasted thousands of dollars on other sites and I have found most are liars. They throw out their winning trades but don't mention their many more losers but you only discover this after wasting months and many dollars. I have become a much better trader because of Matt and Steve and the tremendous amount of work they do.  One more thing...I don't think they charge enough. I have made my membership back many times over following them.

thomas oboyle, Member since 10/23/2018
Incredible Technical Analysis combined with Phenomenal Trading Systems

Matt and Steve's Breakpoint Trades has to be one of a kind.  I've been trading stocks, options, and futures for many, many years and have gone through seemingly countless subscriptions with traders and acquired systems (including very expensive AI systems), however have never run across anything so comprehensive to my trading and understanding of technical analysis as Breakpoint Trades.   Matt and Steve are truly incredible !!!!!   Virtually everything I know regarding TA comes from both of these guys.   They are quite amazing.   Matt has built some of the best trading systems I've ever seen (some 21 long and 21 short systems, I believe) all with success rates of something like 80%+ (some with 100% success rates).   These have proven out over and over again with profits to my trading accounts.   I'm now retired and personally can't Thank them enough for all the trading education and market timing decisions, via their systems,  they have given me.   And, Lord Willing, I plan on continuing to be retired with profits derived from their website.  To anyone who is reading this, I suggest you simply give them a 3 month try to see how they can truly change your trading life.   I feel confident you will not regret it.

Russell Moore, Member since 01/02/2015
This is the only trading subscription you will need

BPT Will Trade With You & Educate You

I have traded these markets for over 30 years.  If you trade you know how challenging they can be. BPT is like having a trading partner who not only makes excellent trading recommendations, but Matt and Steve will educate you by sharing their technical knowledge - every day. These guys work hard and are honest. Do yourself a favor and keep it simple - cancel your current trading subscriptions. They will only confuse you. This is the only trading subscription you will need.

Gary Magistrelli, Member since 05/24/2010
I can assure you, this is the best

I've been trading for 12 years, and I've subscribed to several trading websites in the past, some much more expensive, and I can assure you, this is the best.  Matt and Steve are expert technicians and the hardest workers I've seen from any service I've belonged to.  They've kept me on the right side of the trade in 2022.  Their mechanical systems are the cornerstone to my own trading style, and I have actually developed a few systems of my own based off what I have learned from this website.  Breakpoint Trades has a little bit of something for everyone, as Matt and Steve go over every part of the market in their nightly newsletters.  I can't recommend this site enough, thank you Matt and Steve!

Eric B, Member since 10/04/2018
Best Investment Site

BPT is by far the best investment site not only providing technical analysis from two of the greatest traders Matt and Steve, but also providing education for those wanting to sharpen their skills or simply want to stop getting their but kicked like I was.  This site is great for active traders or for anybody who works a day job and just wants to just check in on system trades. Yes I can attest Matt provides system trades at close of market with actual buy and sell signals that are winners. Don't just take it from me you can check his chart that shows ALL the trades and their win rate. Those alone will pat your membership 10x over easily but probably much more. They also do a nightly newsletter and a detailed comprehensive letter on weekends. Both Matt and Steve are very approachable . Matt is always tinkering around with new ideas which always add value to the membership. I highly recoomend this service. My only regret is that I didn't join earlier. 

Kevin Bates, Member since 04/10/2014
Life Changing for Me

What can I say? Following Matt & Steve through the labyrinth of the market has saved me a small house! In other words, sometimes, it's the money you don't lose that matters. I've been a member for quite a few years and have learned to trust the guidance provided by Matt & Steve. This year sidestepping the big downdraft with most of the portfolio has saved a bundle! This alone is well worth the subscription but I also find that the comradery of the blog makes me feel less alone as a trader.  When I first got into trading, there were very few female traders; it was a somewhat lonely existence. Now, I can share and partake in the thoughts of other traders on a daily basis all the while with guidance from BPT.

Finally, Matt's SPY/ES system matches my trading style and has made trading fun again! Once, a trader master's money management and position sizing (another mantra of the site) and has their core in place, this is a perfect compliment. I look at it as a vacation fund but it can be so much more. I find it emotionally easier to enter a trade (especially when everyone else including CNBC is saying to run for the hills) when I know others like Matt also are buying. What can I say, trading is emotional and it helps to know you have a small pack on your side.  

Thanks BPT!

Carol Roberts, Member since 07/03/2019
BPT is a great trading site and community

BPT is a great trading site and community.  I have learned a tremendous amount over the years from Matt and Steve.  They deliver a lot of value whether its in the newsletters, the systems, trade ideas, or their daily contributions in the trading community.  Their analysis is always very good but particularly so this year.  BPT is one service that I will stick with for a long time.  

Tim Williams, Member since 09/06/2011
Breakpoint for me has proven to be the best website for education and daily trading

Breakpoint for me has proven to be the best website for education and daily trading.  In my IRA, this year started documenting each and every trade and  have grown account 49% YTD with 60% of that directly due to Breakpoint SPY system and trade ideas (includes all of my mistakes too)!  BPT is helping me learn how to survive in up and down markets by following a disciplined plan, thank you so much!

Bob Treadwell, Member since 08/25/2010

Raymond Muylle, Member since 01/08/2016
I've been with this site since 2005

I've been with this site since 2005.  I've tried many sites with much expense . This site is the one I trust.  In 2008, 2016 and 2019 they gave early warnings about market the market.

thank you all

yaqoub y n al muragi, Member since 03/07/2005
It really pays to take their weekly and longer term opinions

I found Matthew on the Public charts area of Stockcharts probably back between the 2000's-2010's. Matt- you can answer that better. I resonated with his appraisals of the market. There were many talented prognosticators there and then, but Matt seemed to stand out. He was trustworthy. So I don't know when I first signed up, I have not been a consistent subscriber( more in than out), but the thing that swung me over was the long term strategy. I am responsible for my nephew and some young people. It makes you take your role more seriously than when you're swinging from the fences. It takes some time to know when they suggest longer term positions vs simple swing positions. Many times they are answered after the fact, but I see that both Matt and Steve play off of each other. They are not necessarily saying the same things as each other, but I respect both of their insights. It takes time to see the wisdom of their thoughts. I probably 2nd guess them too much. They do offer good risk reward parameters, but it does take time to get them. It really pays to take their weekly and longer term opinions. I've seen many times a 50% return on longer term plays.BUT it is up to you to exercise patience and to see from the same perspective.  Matt and Steve are the real deal.

Robert Kitchens, Member since 02/24/2008
I have learned so much about chart reading

Thanks to Matt and Steve I feel like I have learned so much about chart reading. I am a long time member. For me the system trades and Kiss systems are my favorites. Matt and Steve call out many good trade ideas in their newsletters and do videos on You tube check it out. Each day on their Blog Matt and Steve work very hard for their subscribers in real time amazing to me. Subscribers chip in with some good input as well. Best deal you will find.

Sean Russo, Member since 04/14/2009
Tremendous Value

Tremendous Value. I must have tried 75 + newsletters/stock pick sites over the years.  Many are quick to take your money, charge outrageous prices, fudge their results, or simply underperform.  Breakpoint Trades is very different.  First of all, Matt and Steve are accessible and really care about their members.  They post frequently throughout the day/weekend as to the markets/trades and willingly respond to questions. Several times I've asked somewhat random questions and received very detailed answers.  Secondly, there are system trades with exact entries and exits.  So often web sites provide an entry but no exit so you are left hanging.  Not with Breakpoint Trades.  The system can be followed to the tee and posted trade results are very accurate.  And the trades perform.  Not only have they produced a 90% + win percentage but the wins far outweigh the losses (which are typically small).  Your first step without a doubt is to follow all system trades.  Thirdly, they provide analysis of the overall market.  Oftentimes mapping the potential ups and downs of the market.  This can serve as a guide for your 401k.  At the end of December, 2021, they warned of an impending bear market and they've been spot on.  But they aren't perma-bears as they flex into bull and bear positions.  I've used these guidelines to trade SPY options and futures.  Finally, they provide a nightly detailed audio newsletter with charts (typically 30 minutes) that provide trade set-ups, thoughts on the markets, and many charts.  This keeps you abreast of market, stock, and ETF trends.  If you like technical analysis, you will learn a lot. Ten months into 2022, I've doubled my trading account and my 401k is + 8% in a year in which most are underwater by 20% or more.  After many years of losing money trading, I am now very profitable and sleep well at night.  

William Pozdoll, Member since 07/21/2019
It's so good;  I've stuck with BPT for 12 years

I've been a member since 2010 , joining after the disaster of the 2008-09 crash.    Matt and Steve have given me quite an education on trading and I've had the pleasure of watching BPT grow  substantially in terms of the depth of their analysis and trading systems.    I mostly follow the "big picture" view they provide and  adjust our portfolio accordingly.  Many members follow the faster short term trading and do quite well.   Short term trading just doesn't fit my life style.  I'm proud of my results especially this year because I have done well by following their analysis of the broader "back drop" as Steve states of the market, yet  I've been able to take advantage of opportunities to short and go long for weeks at a time in a portion of our portfolio.   BPT works for all kinds of traders but you must figure out what you want.   And, finally, Matt and Steve work very hard for their subscribers.  I admire their commitment toward creating a great service.  One work of advice: you will have commit to learning if you're new to trading.  It takes time.

sally eberhard, Member since 03/13/2010
Great educational and trading systems at BPT

I have been trading for over 20 years and have been a member since 2017. I wish I had found BPT when I started trading because I could have retired by now and saved myself a ton of frustration.  Matt and Steve have taught me more about technical analysis  from listening to there newsletters and the tutorials under the education tab, than any of the training I have received over the years from Worden brothers, Vector Vest,  Alexander Elder and the many good books I have read on trading.  Had I got over my own fears sooner and traded the SPY PRO system from the get go I would almost be set for retirement.  Steve can read charts and project, monitor and adjust like no one else.  Matt's systems  turn a great profit if you follow what the system says and NOT try to sharp shoot it even when it turns you inside out because at the close of the trade some how they are correct over 80-90% of the time or better.  Plus the stats are given so you know the max draw down in the trade and the win rate which for a few of the systems is 100%.  Matt and Steve are humble and honest with no hype, just the truth as they read the charts.  Great service.

Ken Schauf, Member since 06/23/2017
Matt and Steve are great

Matt and Steve are great. I have been following them from 2007. Started trading the SPY/ES system and have completed my MBA on it after 7 years of trading. The profit factors are fantastic. I have tried trading other mechanical systems but they are nothing compared to the SPY/ES system Matt manages.

Mundy Carroll, Member since 07/13/2014
I highly recommend this service

  1. I have been a trader for over 15 years and  a member of Breakpoint Trades about  6 years. I work full time and place trades using a daily or weekly time frame. The SPY systems trades have been very successful and more than pay for the membership. I look forward to an eventual basket of ETF’s to trade in the same manner.
    I also use the Trend system when we are in a bullish environment. This system helps to keep you in a trade and exit a trade before a major draw down or correction occurs.
    I listen and view every newsletter. They are very educational and provide perspective on  technicals and fundamentals.
    This service has features and benefits for every type of trader and/or investor.
    I highly recommend this service to anyone who wants to improve their trading results

Steve Martin, Member since 07/25/2016
No one beats Steve and Matt

I have tried many many websites over the years. Since 2006. No one beats Steve and Matt.

arun kandra, Member since 01/29/2014
Five Stars!

Five Stars!

BPT gives me real technical analysis without market hype that I can use in my own trading but their System Trades make the most money for me. Thanks Matt & Steve for providing this service.

David Lee

David Lee, Member since 09/11/2019

TRUST— One of the best things I take  from this site is trust I trust their information I trust their results I trust the education they’ve given me and the independence that comes with it I trust their ideas and the process-Do yourself a favor if you’re a serious trader join and learn and oh yeah make some profits

mark gladstone, Member since 04/10/2008


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