Intro To Technical Analysis

PLEASE NOTE: This section is not complete and will flesh out over time.  For now I’ve simply provided links to a handful of newsletters that I put together showing various specialty educational topics in technical analysis that we commonly use here.  Because you can find all sorts of resources on candlesticks and common chart patterns on 100’s of website such as, there’s no reason for us to attempt to recreate common run of the mill technical analysis here.  The newsletters below show various custom things that we use, such as symmetry etc. 

Also please note that our nightly newsletters are very educational in themselves, you will learn technical analysis by simply watching and listening to our nightly newsletters. 

    Symmetry And Trend Guide

●    Video, Trade To Win: Trade Size Calculation, Stops, Targets

●    Webinar On Higher Low DVT Stops

●    Day Trade – Using Level 2 and large block offers for day trade setups

●    Moving Average Configuration, Swing Trade, Symmetry

●    Reverse/Hidden Divergences Educational Examples

●    Trading and Watchlist Setup Discussion

●    Day Trade Educational Example using FINVIZ Volume Scan

●    Reversion To Mean Stock Trade Setup Examples

●    Reversion to mean Trade Examples on ES Futures

●    Typical Market Trend Day as it plays out via a 5 min chart

●    Stochastic Momentum Examples

●    MACD Kiss Examples

●    MACD/Stochastic OS System Kiss Examples

●    Statistics: 8 – 9 Consecutive Down Days on the S&P 500 and Dow Jones


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