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HI Matt, i am not

SPX 5 min

Posted by imelhoe on 17th of Jan 2023 at 01:10 pm

HI Matt, i am not getting any emails and ive sent request for customer support. who do I call  pls

Also, have you issued any alerts on the trade set ups you discussed last night?

Thanks Matt

SPY systems - what I'm planning

Posted by imelhoe on 16th of Jan 2023 at 08:07 pm

Thanks Matt

Hi Matt, can you plspost

SPY systems - what I'm planning

Posted by imelhoe on 16th of Jan 2023 at 07:54 pm

Hi Matt, can you plspost where I can find the explanations for QE 3.2  and Bear Long  :  are those supposed to be long entries or short entries.  Sorry, my head can't keep up with these abbreviated systems.. I'm sure you've posted it someplace before.  Thanks if anyone can help by posting in blog.

long spy puts into jan 13

yes, i;ve been playing next day expiration, spy long calls and long spy puts .  profitable on spy calls today for 285 bucks

what is your first target on ES ? 3855 to 3850 if 3815 holds on ES?

You are right, Steve.  Buy back blackout too ahead of earnings so be careful with being too bullish

looks like a potential bear

SPX 3 min

Posted by imelhoe on 3rd of Jan 2023 at 01:19 pm

looks like a potential bear flag in formation

maybe we get a santa

SPX 15 min, 60 min

Posted by imelhoe on 22nd of Dec 2022 at 03:39 pm

maybe we get a santa claus rally ass shorts cover

pls give us your analysis tonight on where to expect the resistance for the next wave down.

we almost went down to the 3rd qtr open of 3782 in  ES

Hi Steve, it will be

QQQ Supply 292.85-294.67

Posted by imelhoe on 2nd of Dec 2022 at 04:06 pm

Hi Steve, it will be great if you can tell us if you are trading qqq calls or puts when you post this, just so we can get ready and follow you..  sometimes, i can't quite catch your drift,   sorry...not as quick,, didn't know if you were waiting to buy puts into the supply zone when qqqs reversed up or buying calls... TIA for next time. Us minions here have to make sure we are doing it right

Steve and Matt, could you pls comment on whether this is still a bear market rally that you guys keep referring to or are we in the beginning of a new bull market.  I guess I have been listening to all you previous comments in past newsletters that we are in a bear market, that i keep thinking we will be getting a bigger pull back,. but now we are definitely really gearing for end of year rally it seems.  Pls comment on where you see decent support on ES for us to go long or on spy to go long at, as well as the qqqs.  TIA

Hi Matt, can you pls do a video on how to do use the STS/DVT system on all the etfs , stocks in dow, spx, etc.  I am not sure if you have decided if we are going into a bull market after pullback this yr or next, or are we still in a bear market.  So is this KISS system supposed to get us long on the stronger stocks in DOW, SPX stocks, via using the DVT?STS systems?  i am thinking if it will be helpful to try to get assigned on good optional leap trades using options with this system, and if assigned, writing covered calls to be called away at a higher price.  Any comments and feedback from you or Steve will be most helpful.

BTW, can your customer support check to see if I was billed on the 6 month renewal cos i got an email saying I was billed, even though my current subscription is not over yet but coming close.  TIA

Hi James, I definitely prefer

KISS basket

Posted by imelhoe on 24th of Nov 2022 at 12:09 am

Hi James, I definitely prefer the STS much better over DVT , which was really very confusing to me.  Smart trailing stop is definitely the way to go and will reduce questions from newbies.  

Hi Matt, can you please

Posted by imelhoe on 23rd of Nov 2022 at 10:03 am

Hi Matt, can you please put in the live link for ES on trading view like you did yesterday.  TIA!

Hi Matt,  really like  the trading live  interactive charts that you post for us.  Is there any way you can also post it for NQ, rut, and the related etfs like qqq, iwm and dia?  i have the trading view app but don't have the lines drawn in like you do on your live stream. TIA!

I can see QQQ going back to settle around its 271.89 its ema20 within next 10 days . and agree max upside supply is 284

HI Steve, would appreciate your opinion on where a viable good support level may be on the QQQ when it decides to pull back pls next week, do you expect the gap up area to be filled into end of next week?

may start to consider SQQQ , and trying to formulate my plan now.


WOW, that's new news to me, and good to know that,  lets see how high they will bounce her for the next reshort! ridiculous compensation being paid to CEO .Its  really not a good time to be buying  cars when discretionary income maybe shrinking  over the winter holidays.

tks, Fredsaid, let me know when you cover, hoping it hits 62 or lower soon


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