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do you see any pattern

XLY - kinda same vue as IYT 

Posted by imelhoe on 16th of May 2024 at 10:21 am

do you see any pattern to XRT? , 

bullish or bearish?

love to hear that!! Music to the ears

yep i have this one long still, paying me now

Our sympathies and condolences again, Matt.  Take care and treasure the precious memories of your Dad.  Good to be away from the market and reflect on true meaning of life and be among close family and friends today.. Salute to your dad's contributions defending the country

Matt, can you pls explain

IWM volatility system went long

Posted by imelhoe on 21st of Feb 2024 at 04:35 pm

Matt, can you pls explain what it means when you say the IWM volatility system went long? Does that mean you are looking to buy iwm puts or are you looking to get long on IWM?  Pls kindly  expain to a neophyte, or any other members in this community pls.  thanks!

yes, i thought XLF was dropping as a sector, should correspond with KRE and IWM falling more

would the ES trend still be down today /tomorrow,  before another push up to create a stronger daily divergence?

tks, Rbreese, yes, i saw those sectors as doing better than others in yesterdays analysis

yes pls post Rbreese. thanks!

Hi Rbreese, i would be interested in looking at the monthly seasonality chart for October.  wonder if it jives with Stocktrader almanac


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