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  • Welcome to Breakpoint Trades

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    We can help you out perform hedge funds, wield your 401K, and trade with confidence based on technicals.

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Let us show you how to manage a 401k with minimal input using our paint dry system, or delve deeper and learn to leverage technical analysis to become an investment Ronin.

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Our analysts have over 50 years of market experience and have done it all from Hedge Funds, to Day Trading. They can help you expand your trading knowledge or dial down on your 401K.

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Please check out our full FAQ if you have any questions not addressed here.

What do I get as a Member?

With your monthly subscription you will receive nightly market newsletters during the week as well as a comprehensive general market and commodity newsletter on the weekend. However, that's just a small portion of what we offer. Our expert Analysts Matthew Frailey and Steve Nelson are readily available to answer questions about technical trading or your setups.

Beyond that we also offer a variety of mechanical systems based on our decades of technical trading experience. These systems take most of the emotion out of trading making it easier to scale into positions even during downturns.

How Can You Help Me With My 401K?

We have a few different investment systems aimed specifically at helping you grow your 401k. The most basic our paint dry system goes months, and sometimes years without entering or exiting the market. It's perfect for investors who want to get a little more out of the market, but who also don't want to be tied to their computer every day.

For people who want a little more action we also offer a SPY mechanical system that trades about 14 times a year on average, but even with this system you only need to check your email or SMS Messages at the end of the day. As we will notify you when trades are triggered, and because of the liquid nature of SPY you can fill after hours with relatively low slippage.

Will you Help Me Learn About Technical Trading?

Absolutely, Technical Trading is the backbone of our trading style here at Breakpoint Trades. We offer some introduction in our education area, but every newsletter will teach you more about technical indicators and making sense of the signal through the noise.

Also feel free to ask Matt or Steve any questions you have on the trading community. We see education as a core part of our mission, and look forward to teaching you.

How Does the Breakpoint Trades Affiliate Program Work?

Please reach out to us using the contact form and we will setup a time to talk to you about setting up an affiliate program with your site.

Every week night we'll send out a market update exploring the day's news, change in market sectors and any potential trade setups that we've noticed during the day. In addition, each weekend we send out two comprehensive newsletters, one covering the market at large and the other focusing on commodities.

Please take a second to look through our SPY system or 401k pages to get an idea of where our Mechanical Systems might fit in with your trading style.

We have a little of something for everyone, regardless if you want to trade regularly or if you would rather just get updates that let you avoid major downturns with your 401k.

We see education as part of our core mission, every newsletter will teach you a bit more about technical trading, but please feel free to ask questions in the Trading Community.

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