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WOW, that's new news to me, and good to know that,  lets see how high they will bounce her for the next reshort! ridiculous compensation being paid to CEO .Its  really not a good time to be buying  cars when discretionary income maybe shrinking  over the winter holidays.

tks, Fredsaid, let me know when you cover, hoping it hits 62 or lower soon

tks, i am hoping it gets to 60 for sure. gonna keep tight lid on it. sure looks like it could bounce there.   No i missed your KMX selling experience,,, generally easy and pain free isnt it?

where do you see support on KMX. high short interest

Damn, i would be so profitable by now if i had held onto those tsla puts i picked up too early today and was negative on them

So Matt, you mean to take another short on spy with hi mid lo system right?

Trying to make sure I understand your lingo

did you pick up the

TSLA nice bounce

Posted by imelhoe on 4th of Oct 2022 at 01:15 pm

did you pick up the puts as tsla went higher? i am very profitable now; btw, you never responded to my questions yesterday, Matt

if you suspect ES will hit some form of Resistance in 3700 range, would you let us know if your system will take a short on ES or spy pls and if so , maybe an ITM option?

Hi Matt, i picked up

TSLA Updated Views

Posted by imelhoe on 3rd of Oct 2022 at 01:01 pm

Hi Matt, i picked up tsla put today too, where will you sell your put at what TSLA price target pls.


I also covered my spy short puts at small profits cos i was afraid it would go down more, but wondering when I should leg in long on the QE 3.2 and bear exhaustion if out of it now.

Thanks for any helpful guidance, my first one with you here.  Keep up the great work, you and Steve.

I sold leap puts for

AAPL Daily View Updated

Posted by imelhoe on 29th of Sep 2022 at 12:00 pm

I sold leap puts for 120 and profitable now!  also got some nice exits on my sqqq calls and spxu deep ITM  calls which i am still holding profitably. probably cash out tomorrow after reports

Hi Steve, I must have missed it, when did you post the short; i didn't read about it on matt;s latest newsletter

Really appreciate what you are sharing with us.  I've been looking at TBills too as I am in retirement, andtrading my own portfolio.   hubby will be retiring too next yr but we are too your for medicare.

thanks very much for all your help, guys.!!! appreciate it, i had a lower spy call for november and looking to get long it soon

Hi Matt, are you still in your spy option call long?  i am getting a lil confused now, is a a bear exhaustion sub system going long a spy put or spy call?  Still trying to figure out your system here  ...newbie question

does that mean market will decline more?

Hi Steve, the support numbers

ES 3/24 Daily

Posted by imelhoe on 13th of Sep 2022 at 11:00 pm

Hi Steve, the support numbers don't look quite right. 

HI Steve, where do yu see support for tsla pls?

arun, do you see support

TSLA 65 min

Posted by imelhoe on 26th of Aug 2022 at 01:38 pm

arun, do you see support for TSLA at280 or lower? i can see it going there , at worst 270.  BTW are you also in DTI traderoom

yes, got it and its pingpongin between levels.  Thanks; my hedges are holding up well


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