Hi Matt, can you plspost

    SPY systems - what I'm planning

    Posted by imelhoe on 16th of Jan 2023 at 07:54 pm

    Hi Matt, can you plspost where I can find the explanations for QE 3.2  and Bear Long  :  are those supposed to be long entries or short entries.  Sorry, my head can't keep up with these abbreviated systems.. I'm sure you've posted it someplace before.  Thanks if anyone can help by posting in blog.

    bear long has been described

    Posted by matt on 16th of Jan 2023 at 08:03 pm

    bear long has been described 100 times before.  

    5.   Bear Long- a special type long trade that mostly occurs in bear market conditions, very  stringent conditions and rare but very reliable. various filters built  in here to allow it to exit quickly if need to for a small bounce only,  or hold the trade for 1 - 2 months if conditions look ripe for a strong  move off the lows

    QE 3.2 is a long that occurs only when price is deeply oversold and below the 200 day MA - cannot occur above the 200 day MA. I don't any need to go into exact details and settings that are proprietary.  One doesn't have to understand exactly what the systems are doing to trade them. 

    what matters more is having a plan in place for oneself that fits their personal risk tolerance and goals, and that includes for the systems 

    Thanks Matt

    Posted by imelhoe on 16th of Jan 2023 at 08:07 pm

    Thanks Matt


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