I agree with you Arun, too .  The PMO is curling up and advance decline line is improving and higher % stocks over the 50 sma.  I think theres been some improvement in breath and mclellan oscillators as well.   I think we have higher to go after some more pullbacks, and wish Matt's mechanical system  had given us some kind of trigger to go long

    the QQQ system has been

    Posted by matt on 29th of Mar 2023 at 10:34 pm

    the QQQ system has been long for about 3 weeks. Other ETF's and stocks went long or have been long on the KISS stuff. 

    the reversion to mean systems are not long because they are reversion to mean - they will be pretty quite when the VIX is low and volatility is low, don't sit around waiting for them to trigger, plenty of triggers from other things

    we've had very valid long triggers via the RSI 14 trendline breaks on the indexes


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