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GS - matt/steve - would

Posted by te22 on 5th of Jul 2024 at 12:54 pm

GS - matt/steve - would you pls share your analysis? thank you

I meant NKE - Steve/Matt,

Posted by te22 on 1st of Jul 2024 at 03:19 pm

I meant NKE - Steve/Matt, I'm short in size @ $76.17. Would greatly appreciate your technical view for intraday and daily. thanks much

NVDA Only MAG 7 Stock

Posted by te22 on 19th of Jun 2024 at 02:03 pm

NVDA Only MAG 7 Stock Up on 6/18: NVDA AAPL 

XLK will rebalance on June 21st. Key changes:

  • Nvidia's (NVDA) weighting increases from 6% to over 20%, becoming the second-largest holding.
  • Apple's (AAPL) weighting decreases from 22% to 4.5%.

This results in XLK buying nearly $10 billion of NVDA shares and selling $11 billion of AAPL shares at market close on June 21st.

Potential Impact: Rebalancing typically boosts the price of NVDA pre-event with profit-taking after, and creates short-term selling pressure on AAPL followed by a buying opportunity. The impact depends on market conditions and investor adjustments.

Don't forget all of the managers benchmarked against the XLK, and SPX tech sector.

trendline on top of SPY since 29 Oct 2007 is about 534.50. Just past 19,000 on NDX, along w NVDA crossing $3T for first time. Objectively, it is hard to believe they just blow right through that long term trend line without some kind of bull/bear battle. I would think it quite possible we get a liquidation break to shake out the weak hands, buyable maybe at the VWAP on QQQ/SPY if it coincides w 5 min fast stochs <20 entry, favored by Mr. Matt...Like I said...sold my last share of NVDA 1221. hoping for 1200 VWAP re-entry

NVDA $3T - anyone know

Posted by te22 on 5th of Jun 2024 at 03:11 pm

NVDA $3T - anyone know what happened to AAPL and MSFT when they crested $3T? Sell signal? No impact?

steve, what's your take on

Posted by te22 on 5th of Jun 2024 at 02:43 pm

steve, what's your take on GLXY, the "goldman sachs" of crypto brokers, according to Jim Roppel?

SPX total return 7.7% over last 10+ yrs I believe. so, ex-inflation of ~3% over that time, 4.7% in real terms.  Remember Warren Buffet doesn't like gold and never has bc doesnt generate any returns.  In concept, consider that the economy grows at about 2%, and SPX companies are taking an ever greater share of that economy over time, and squeezing margins upwards over time due to productivity improvements, with biggest yet, ostensibly to come in the form of AI. hence, SPX good investment over the long term, even for the buy and hold KISS disbelievers. 

NDX 19k?

Posted by te22 on 5th of Jun 2024 at 01:42 pm

NDX 19k?

i just dumped half my longs

yeah, we got father, son and holy FOMO all buying here.

damn, check the volume increase on NVDA since 1200. serious short covering / Long FOMO rally.

NVDA - guess the market answered my Q. ~500k share pop >$1200. shorts covering now. let's see if we get $1219/1220 = $3T mkt cap  

ty mr. steve

CRWD Daily

Posted by te22 on 5th of Jun 2024 at 12:40 pm

ty mr. steve

Steve, would you be so

Posted by te22 on 5th of Jun 2024 at 12:38 pm

Steve, would you be so kind as to opine on CRWD supply zone? bot 5k in after mkt yesterday, and peeling it off in tranches, on the rip.  is $339/340 too optimistic? thanks for your help. 

NVDA 20k $1200 calls for tmw. serves as a pretty fierce call wall. any informed opinions as to whether that holds, or is there a bust out and above scenario up towards $1219  (=$3T mkt cap). Thanks in advance to you smart options traders.

ERO - Canadian copper play

Posted by te22 on 9th of May 2024 at 01:41 pm

ERO - Canadian copper play - Druckenmiller highlighted copper yesterday (along w Argentina and Japan) as areas in which he is investing. Note ERO trades thin.

Matt, it would be great

KISS systems heads up

Posted by te22 on 3rd of May 2024 at 04:04 pm

Matt, it would be great if you would express your view on whether this trade will be one of those "whipsaws". Thanks much and have a good weekend. 

Hi Matt. Below the 50SMA,

XLE nearing the 50 day MA

Posted by te22 on 1st of May 2024 at 11:55 am

Hi Matt. Below the 50SMA, the symmetry target is $91.41. Do you think that would be a reasonable bounce entry, if it gets there? if not, what levels interest you? Thanks

Mike Santoli's insight aptly depicts

Posted by te22 on 29th of Apr 2024 at 01:02 pm

Mike Santoli's insight aptly depicts the current market: 3% inflation and 4.5-5% yields aren't crippling for stocks. Concerns of a summer decline like last year aren't identical; the economy is more resilient, and the Fed is considering cuts. Market in a trading range for now.

I went long NVDA, too, after META, GOOGL and MSFT all raised capex on AI. Closed above 20, 50, 200 daily SMAs, 5 & 9 daily EMAs, and approaching 61.8% ($890.75) retrace of $756.06-$974 low/high. Notable that KISS didn't go long (unless not yet updated). Matt/Steve , your opinion on NVDA would be greatly appreciated. Thanks much,


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