Hey Kevin:  I am the author of that article.  I know from many of  the posts  here that you're not the only one who follows my work.  I appreciate that.  I am curious, though, as to why you would comment that I am a scam.  My free e-letter is quite popular.  And, it costs nothing.  My paid subscription services have performed reasonably well in this environment.  So, I am wondering why you hold that opinion.  Please respond and let me know how I can resolve whatever issue it is you have with me.

    Hey... I am very suprised

    Posted by kevindeng0727 on 27th of Jul 2022 at 10:06 pm

    Hey... I am very suprised you are in the community lol... Have you been here for a long time to just joined? I have never seen other members post links from your website. My judgement is more on the paid services instead of free newsletter. These are the sources (comments from seemingly subscribers): https://www.trustpilot.com/review/jeffclarktrader.com 

    Your site seems to have track records as well and I am not sure if Matt's members here would be paying for this kind of results: https://www.jeffclarktrader.com/track-record/ 

    Anyways... I am very cautious on posting outside resources especially I don't want others to get misled by my info. I have some very good and famious ones, including Stan Weinstein's newletter and you will never see me mention here.  So especially those without good reviews, if I have to post it I will add those comments just to let people be more alerted and cautious. I could be wrong of course, maybe even my facviourte buddy Dave Hunter is right and we rip to 6000. Thanks.

    I too had the misfortune

    Posted by victorh on 28th of Jul 2022 at 06:08 am

    I too had the misfortune to sign up for one of his plans last year.  I took four of his recommended trades and lost on each one although not that much as I wasn't risking much as I wanted to see how his recommendations went. I took advantage of his money back guarantee to cancel but kept getting the run-around. Then to add insult to injury they charged my card again without my permission then claiming it was all due to some sort of computer mix up. I had to end up doing a chargeback on my credit card so my advice is to stay far away from this guy unless you like losing money. If you want to make money just stay on here!  

    If I was of a

    Posted by crossharry on 28th of Jul 2022 at 07:24 am

    If I was of a mind to start up my own trade recommendation service, I'd just piggyback the BPT SPY/ES signals and claim them as my own............

    ..........I have no such nefarious plans by the way! And hopefully no one would stoop so low...

    I cannot say it enough—-the

    Posted by timebandit on 28th of Jul 2022 at 08:36 am

    I cannot say it enough—-the systems are genius! I’m really looking forward to seeing what kinds of trades they will produce with the basket of ETFs Matt has been backtesting


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