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These "True Market Leaders" already leading to downside although indices trying to hold for now.

$130k? More expensive than Model X OMG

Any preliminary signal on current/lower levels Matt?    If that's not too complicated for you to check. THX

Hi Matt, can you share a link for the spreadsheet again? Sorry I must have missed it.

Matt, you meant QE MOMO second entry could get caught too early here as well (are you leaning to this case)?

NYAD still ~ 2:1 positive

ES 9/22 Daily

Posted by kevindeng0727 on 4th of Aug 2023 at 10:18 am

NYAD still ~ 2:1 positive on this pullback

Hi Matt, if VIX closes below upper band, Would your vol system trigger on spy as well? Thx

forgot to add a question

SPX 10

Posted by kevindeng0727 on 14th of Jul 2023 at 08:27 pm

forgot to add a question mark. That was a question.

Hi Steve, the first wave

SPX 10

Posted by kevindeng0727 on 14th of Jul 2023 at 07:59 pm

Hi Steve, the first wave and thrid wave overlap in this case. So I guess it is a leading diagonal or 1-2, 1-2 (probably not so likely in this backdrop). Thx.

$NYAD way above upper BB.

Posted by kevindeng0727 on 11th of Jul 2023 at 03:07 pm

$NYAD way above upper BB. Maybe another small leg down on Qs and SPY before resuming higher?

Hey Matt, any new thoughts about where we are in this wave 4? Bought some dips on SPY today and plan to hold 60% of them if you are not bearish lol. Thanks.

GS is on demark day

GS volatility system

Posted by kevindeng0727 on 28th of Jun 2023 at 03:40 pm

GS is on demark day 8 of 9

IBKR pro pays 4% for idle cash which is not bad

Demark Sequential is on day

SPX 120

Posted by kevindeng0727 on 20th of Mar 2023 at 04:24 pm

Demark Sequential is on day 12 of 13 for QQQ. A little push higher tmr/wednesday and close there could trigger 13.

And yet... We had so much selling underneath the surface this week.

Choose cumulative for chart types

The H&S top on KRE


Posted by kevindeng0727 on 9th of Mar 2023 at 04:46 pm

The H&S top on KRE seems to have triggered. John Roque is correct on this one but his call was a couple months early.

When AAPL announces one, S&P will be at 5000 lol

IWM's bar today really supports

Posted by kevindeng0727 on 6th of Mar 2023 at 02:28 pm

IWM's bar today really supports Steve's WXY count

It's surprising how well prices reacts to demark signals on 1 min chart lol... When it was being developed in 70s, Tom only looked at daily charts manually.

Speaking of demark 9, SPY, QQQ, AAPL, GOOG, NFLX are all on day 8, whereas DIA and SPX completed 9 so some more weakness tomrrow is also okay, if no strong trend down.


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