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I too had the misfortune to sign up for one of his plans last year.  I took four of his recommended trades and lost on each one although not that much as I wasn't risking much as I wanted to see how his recommendations went. I took advantage of his money back guarantee to cancel but kept getting the run-around. Then to add insult to injury they charged my card again without my permission then claiming it was all due to some sort of computer mix up. I had to end up doing a chargeback on my credit card so my advice is to stay far away from this guy unless you like losing money. If you want to make money just stay on here!  

Real fear and a spike in VIX to the correction  high sets in at the early part of the downturn and then levels off before a market bottom is made.  This makes sense, since VIX measures the expected volatility over the next 30 days. The rule of 16 says that VIX/16 is the expected average daily volatility implied from the value (with one standard deviation). VIX = 32 implies a market pricing in daily swings of 2% over the next 30 days (or 21 trading days). That is unusually high. We have had a few days exceeding that by far, but on average, 2% daily is still VERY high. Of course anything is possible in this market...

For a DVDS short system

Posted by victorh on 23rd of Mar 2022 at 11:10 am

For a DVDS short system on the SPY that was a mistake and no longer shows it was okay for a quick trade. I sold SPY in the AH at 450.12 and just covered at 446.55 when I read the post saying the signal had vanished. Not bad for under 24 hours so bring on more "vanishing signals: like that :-) 

Gold going crazy, up from

Posted by victorh on 8th of Mar 2022 at 10:15 am

Gold going crazy, up from 2025 to 2070 in 20 minutes, is this the top or more panic buying ahead?

Gold Stocks Bear Market? As

Posted by victorh on 5th of Jul 2021 at 11:43 am

Gold Stocks Bear Market? As a goldbug I am hoping this downturn since August is just a correction in a ongoing gold bull market. However this recent crash in the gold stocks where they sliced through major support levels and moving averages is quite concerning and not the typical action of s correction in a bull market.  I read a report dated July 3 from a well respected analyst whose opinion is that we are in a gold bear market which started back in August. He makes some very compelling reasons as to why gold stocks are no longer in a bull phase. I hope he isn't right so I was curious as to what other members think as well as Matt and Steve. 

Gold more oversold than in

Posted by victorh on 3rd of Mar 2021 at 05:46 pm

Gold more oversold than in March 2020 as per picture.  

Platinum taking off, any thoughts

Posted by victorh on 10th of Dec 2020 at 09:12 am

Platinum taking off, any thoughts Matt or Steve?

SMS Alerts question for Steve

Posted by victorh on 2nd of Dec 2020 at 12:22 pm

SMS Alerts question for Steve or Matt. In the Account section there is the option to enable SMS alerts. However when I try to enable it says I need to sign up for Breakpoints. I am already a member and have been so for quite some time so if there a trick to signing up for SMS alerts let me know. I apologize for posting this non stock question in the room but I first tried reaching out using the contact tab but got no reply. Thanks    

The airlines especially strong today

Posted by victorh on 8th of Sep 2020 at 01:32 pm

The airlines especially strong today including DAL and Southwest. I know an analyst  at Morgan Stanley recommended them and gave a price target of $54 on Southwest. However I know from past experiences that sometimes when a stock is recommended it will go up that day and then gradually revert back to where it was before the recommendation.   

what does that mean exactly?

Can we PLEASE stop cluttering up this board with talks about the virus and politics. There are tons of other discussion boards for all that. Thanks

I love the daily commentary as its one of the best benefits of this site. Going to one or two a week would defeat the purpose of this site and I would be gone as I suspect others would be. How in the world can someone say these daily charts cause confusion.  If someone doesn't want to listen to all the charts and commentary for each one they can switch from the original player to the new player and listen to what they want to and avoid what they don't want to hear. This suggestion that the daily newsletters cause confusion and conflicting information is one of the craziest things I have read on this blog! If the poster can't understand the daily commentary and gets confused by it sounds like his best bet would be to find another service that is more to his liking.          

I remember back in mid

Posted by victorh on 4th of Jun 2020 at 05:03 pm

I remember back in mid April you said FB was your favorite kind of short and then it was at the $180 level. What makes it look ripe for shorts now in your opinion versus back in April when you thought it was a good short? 

Yes BVN being down 50%

smaller golds

Posted by victorh on 15th of May 2020 at 03:12 pm

Yes BVN being down 50% since last year while gold has skyrocketed is about the worst under  performance  of any gold stock.  There are reasons for such a sharp decline as they eliminated their dividend, they reported a decline in gold production as Peru has extended their quarantine period which means no mining so any mining is limited to critical activities only.Also several brokerages downgraded the stock and Moodys downgraded BVN to B1 a negative outlook. In addition there has been talk that Peru may nationalize the mines. So as you can see fear in the equity markets has little to do with the bad performance of BVN . Sometimes fundamentals are very good reasons a stock can suddenly under perform.    

Another vote for the old

Posted by victorh on 11th of May 2020 at 10:48 am

Another vote for the old format instead of the video. While the video is interesting It's difficult to read the data on the tables on a computer screen. I like to scroll through charts to what interests me and its very difficult to do that in a video format and hard to know what sections are where.  I do appreciate you trying out new formats now and then as you do a great job with forecasting and giving us a overview of the bigger picture.  

That link you gave to Dr. Brownstein's protocol for beating the virus doesn't work, it goes to 404 errpr, page not found. 

Gold looking negative as people

Posted by victorh on 1st of May 2020 at 09:24 am

Gold looking negative as people are way too bullish on gold in general and on this site too.  The Gold Miners Bullish Percent Index (see below chart) it is exactly as bullish as it was bearish in mid-March at the very bottom after the biggest decline in stock market history. There are more bulls than they were in July of 2017 after a monster gold stock rally.

Yes you can access your account at TDameritrade,com

It was written by Sylvia Browne who died in 2013.  You can buy the Kindle version on Amazon. Dean Kootz never made that prediction. Sylvia Browne made many  predictions in her book, most of which were outlandish and never came true. She used the 2020 time frame in many of her predictions which did not come true. Below are two pages from her book, one page mentions blindness being cured by 2020, diabetes being cured  starting 2010 and no more invasive surgery done by 2015. The other page is where she wrote about the 2020 respiratory virus but considering the many other predictions she made that would happen around 2020 which haven't happened I would think she was just taking current problems with virus's and projecting them into the future. If the second part of her prediction saying the current virus will suddenly vanish that would be great, but I wouldn't count on it.  

Hayy Dent was extremely bullish in on January 27 in a YouTube video saying the market was going straight up as the smart money was buying and he didn't see a peak until May or June. Others like Matt and Steve on here even in January were warning us of all the negative divergences, etc.    


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