Whenever you see that type of price decline and massive jobs are lost, it is a buy. The money gets made putting everyone back to work so to speak. Relatively speaking we are now at the other end of the risk/reward structure for the next few years. Meaning, it is likely to go higher unless we have another situation that nobody can plan for. This is why having a plan in place whether you are trading or investing is so important. 

    I personally like to trim some things that I bought in the crash periods whenever we have the euphoria periods and are at new highs. I will be looking at doing so if the market breaks out and runs up near the measured target areas. I use that cash for when we get nice corrections and/or crashes whenever they happen in different sectors or the markets in general. There are times when I will also take part of the profits and invest it in a long term growth story that I can hang onto. Again, I'm looking for healthy discounts when I enter. It takes patience, just have to take what they give, whenever they give it. I wrote this to benefit others, though also as a journal entry to encourage myself to stay with my plan which has worked for decades. 

    regarding that big picture chart

    Posted by matt on 8th of Jun 2021 at 01:17 pm

    regarding that big picture chart analysis - just remember those secular bull runs have 3  - 5 cyclical bear markets - look at the one in the 50's, you had a 2 year long bear market from 1956 - 1958. To me you have to continue trading your plan and get your trade signals off MUCH MUCH smaller time frames. that 90 year chart is more academic - yes if there's a big correction you could generally guess that it's a buy opportunity but for me I'll get my actual triggers off daily charts, I'm not going to stay in index funds and ETF's simply because the secular bull market hints that it may go on for another 12 years - I'm not willing to hold through 1 - 2 year small bear markets 

    Absolutley.  As well as those

    Posted by fredsaid on 8th of Jun 2021 at 01:35 pm

    Absolutley.  As well as those nasty 20-30 % quick drops like we'll probably get in the fall when they raise rates early.  What do you think about the summer doldrums and sell in May ?  Still hold EQ in 401k over summer ?

    Excellent FUNDY 

    Posted by retirefire on 8th of Jun 2021 at 06:26 am

    Excellent FUNDY 


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