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discussed this before

we would lose the SEO traffic we currently get through Google - all these blog posts get indexed on Google and could show up on someone's search whenever they are searching for something - can help us get random traffic - on Discord we lose that

We also use the search capability and I find posts from years ago quite easily

the only way I'd be kind of okay with it is if we could have some program that copied all the discord posts from the day and duplicated them here

not saying we can't do that but we have too many irons in fire at moment too much going to  so it's not a big priority 

I have to run out and get some meds for my dad

Posted by matt on 28th of Sep 2022 at 06:02 pm

still dealing with the residual effects of a recent ischemic stroke. The newsletter will be out a bit later than normal tonight

james roe here can code up for you

Systems update and trade notification

Posted by matt on 28th of Sep 2022 at 04:48 pm

Hello all, it's been a wild week and today the market had a nice snap back rally from oversold conditions. 

Regarding the reversion to mean systems:

The bear long that triggered on SPY and ES - is exiting on ES, it's holding for SPY.  We are going to exit the ES long positions from the bear long.

Systems that are holding: SPY Bear Long, SPY QE 3.2 Exhaustion, and ES Bear Exhaustion. 

Just to be safe and because this market is still really dangerous, we're going to exit 1/2 of the SPY QE 3.2 here in after hrs and 1/2 of the ES Bear Exhaust. Plus those two systems are up nicely because they first entered on Monday. I'll update the trade tables shortly but here's the table showing systems. 

System trades update

Posted by matt on 28th of Sep 2022 at 04:32 pm

here's the current prices on them: not bad actually considering everything

when we do update the

Ever consider a Discord group? 

Posted by matt on 28th of Sep 2022 at 04:11 pm

when we do update the systems section - I would rather have a separate forum just for system trades

KISS stuff

Posted by matt on 28th of Sep 2022 at 04:07 pm

showing the 4 time frames on SPX: 

yesterday we had that Demark 9 on 1/2 day and 13 on the 130 min.  

The 60 min had the amateur selling, which marked a nice low - price now logically stalling at the ATR here

We already do that - all year long I have been saying which systems and parts we are exiting or entering 

come on guys - if you are going to follow the systems, you need to also be disciplined about it and pay attention 

every system trade is up SPY

Open systems comments

Posted by matt on 28th of Sep 2022 at 03:50 pm

every system trade is up

SPY bear long is now positive

SPY 3.2 is obviously very positive as it entered on Monday

ES bear exhaust is very positive as it entered on Monday

even ES bear long is positive 

by the way that bear

Open systems comments

Posted by matt on 28th of Sep 2022 at 03:45 pm

by the way that bear long on ES is now positive overall with current price above the average entry of the first and second entries

none of the other systems will be exiting only the ES bear long - and I'll probably elect to only exit 1/2 - but there will still be plenty long with all the other systems open (SPY bear long, SPY QE 3.2 washout, and ES Bear exhaustion)

read below man

System Exits ?

Posted by matt on 28th of Sep 2022 at 03:34 pm

read below man

Open systems comments

Posted by matt on 28th of Sep 2022 at 02:58 pm

afternoon update: nothing changed from the morning comments. The ES Bear long is still looking to exit, all others will hold. By the way price is above the 2nd entry and since the 2nd entry has double the contracts of the first, this brings the average cost to 3741, only about 15 ES points from breakeven, that's nearly even now, that's not bad. that's why 2nd entries use 2 times the amount of the 1st entry to average price down

SPX 15 mim

Posted by matt on 28th of Sep 2022 at 02:53 pm

$SPX - Chart Link- nice move to this resistance zone. I would view this as a wave a of 4 perhaps with a wave b higher low, then c up. 

resistance areas on SPX cash: 3715, 3750, 3780, then 3820

back to focusing on the market

not everything is covered and that section needs to be totally redone (which will be but we've focused on providing trades vs making everything pretty for marketing)  but read the long description page there for an overview and understanding 

read the FAQ 

look over the statistics (which only show spy) but they show statistics and things like max draw down, 

we have quite a few,

Any Florida members please stay safe 

Posted by matt on 28th of Sep 2022 at 02:28 pm

we have quite a few, please stay safe

you don't need to understand the systems. All you guys have to do is decide how much capital you decide to allocate to the systems if you are going to trade them - best if you can put that money in a separate account.  The systems are very mathematical and methodical, unlike most people who are emotional and undisciplined. They are easy to follow as I send out trade entries and exits. And again in these market conditions, only a few systems could ever be in the market - the majority of the systems couldn't enter trades under these conditions because many only trade in bull markets or uptrending markets- most cannot trigger. 

Also your comment about not knowing what trades you entered? that's not our fault - you have to keep track of your own trades

also you can figure that out easily - go and look at the dates you entered those trades - then refer to the trade table, you should be able to match them up! here's the trade table with dates entered

Yesterday I stated that the

SPX 60 min, daily

Posted by matt on 28th of Sep 2022 at 02:17 pm

Yesterday I stated that the SPX had formed a MACD divergence on the 60 min time frame, something that it did not have previously, which playing out so far, reply to my post from yesterday

GDX comments

Posted by matt on 28th of Sep 2022 at 02:15 pm

GDX - Chart Link- little Pinocchio head fake below that trendline and recovery

Jeez, I wrote that to give some good general info on the systems not confuse people

There's not 24 systems here: one is the KISS, one is the breakout, those will not be doing trades. Also a good handful only do trades in bull markets and cannot do trades under these market conditions - probably only about 2 - 3 systems could do a trade under current market conditions. Not 24 of them.  One doesn't have to understand all the systems - you can simply follow the exact trade signals I send out for entries and exits

Also - treat each system like its own. There's no reason for you to be confused - I state which system enters and which system exits - why not just follow the exact trade signals I email out


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