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Nasdaq highs - lows

Posted by matt on 3rd of Jun 2023 at 02:10 am

$COMPQ - Chart Link - crazy after this huge rally from the Mar lows this only went back positive today

CPC closed out 0.76%,

Posted by matt on 3rd of Jun 2023 at 02:08 am

well first off that might be true if that was the only system here, we have the 20 other systems so it would just be another one added to the mix.

Also, throw in the 12 volatility systems that on their own total 15/20 trades a year 

12 volatilty systems

Posted by matt on 2nd of Jun 2023 at 08:51 pm

haven't shown these 12 volatility systems in a while. IBM and GOOGL closed out long trades, AAPL recently. AMZN had a short that closed out a week ago, sam efor QQQ, but the losses were small like 2%

I have my notification indicator done so I might be able to start sending signals for these

also guys remember you can see the post email and text alerts all from the systems alert 

I mention this again because of how email is these days: spam filters etc, for some reason one of our emails or alerts might get sent to some spam or promotions filter. one thing you should get in the habit of doing is checking the past systems alert page just to make sure you didn't miss anything - click on it once a day

now, if you want my short-term opinion on the market: I think we have a pullback early next week, then once that's done I think we have another push higher, then I think the market is set for another pullback after that next high that's deeper - but not the start of a major downtrend - if one is going to occur I'm thinking early Fall.

but again I don't have to be right, I follow the systems and my triggers and I adapt to what happens 

again - I don't see the point your comments. "You've heard about all this bus all the time since 3700 - 3800"

? you replied to the VIX chart and statistics? what does the VIX system have to do with that?

Also, what about the two buy signals the VIX gave just recently?? The ones we pointed out on April 24th, and again on May 7th - those VIX buy signals clearly played out so why are you not praising those signals? I don't get the point here?

Today the VIX closed below its lower Bollinger Bands - now can it stay below those bands for a couple days, sure. The VVIX on the other hand closed inside the lower Bollinger Bands for a sell signal.  These are things I feel it is my job to point out, whether you follow them or not. It's my job. I would do a disservice to the website if I didn't point out various things. If I was like you the newsletters would be a breeze on a couple min long. I would just say up up and away go long everyone, have a good night LOL

go back and listen to newsletters from months ago, 3 months, 6 months - my overall target has been the 61.8% Fib on SPX and possibly 4400. Steve and for the last couple months Steve and I have been leaning to the market not having a major salvo until maybe early Fall. 98% of trade ideas here have been long ideas. 

Also do  you remember my statements many months ago: I said guys: we can have our opinions but we trade what is in front of us. Play the KISS systems - if the market is in a bull market those systems will keep you long and in the market. If the market has a rug pull - they will get you out-  you don't have to guess, just follow them

also I appreciate everyone here and think of you guys like family and I appreciate all the support and when you guys share information, trade ideas, etc

Your posts lately have had no substance: they are all mostly cheerleading comments and making fun of people who are not long. You are not posting trade ideas, charts, and what you are looking for. Those type of posts also can get others who might be struggling or emotion - make them even more emotional kind of like  a social media thing. Please try to post more things with substance vs the cheerleading comments 

what does XHB ripping again have anything to do with the VIX stats I posted? 

hello vasiboy - yes I sent out that SPY system breakout trade yesterday morning on the open. It worked out better as it actually triggered on Tuesday and prices then fell about 30 points on Wednesday, so we got better prices.  

I looked at your email and looks like you got the email and opened it about a day ago. I also sent a text message out that morning with the email - if you find that you get a better notification via text you may want to sign up for that. These days we see text messages easier than emails. see attachment, I removed your personal info

and yes some of your comments about things are very true. Lot of emotion here and some of the comments from folks just do not help -the constant rah rah posts without giving any substance is of no use and actually gets others who maybe struggling and new emotional

and yes the markets can stay stupid far longer than you can imagine - which is why you adhere to your triggers and your system. 

When I pointed out things over the past couple weeks showing the negative breadth and stating that the market needs to get broader leadership than 8 stocks, and showing some things like the negative breadth on the McClellan and HYG. It's my job to point those things out, not ignore them. I didn't tell people okay sell your longs, go short - no play the trend at hand until it changes. And we've started to see what I said we need to see, other groups and sectors starting to participate. 

a good analogy: let's say you are driving your car and you see a yellow flashing sign, or you see dark rain clouds - do you stop driving? no, you keep driving, but  you might be a bit more cautious and pay more attention but you keep driving - and maybe it doesn't rain and the clouds pass right by. 

Hey Mundy yep the standard VIX strategy only has about a 2 profit factor, the VVIX is better at 3.7. Since the standard settings is what we have on the charts that's why I showed that. If you recall a while back I showed a VIX strategy with a PF of 29 - it was so much higher because it used a non standard Bollinger Band length and settings for the standard deviations. I don't have my TS up at the moment so I'm going on memory for the settings but the Bollinger Bands settings of 20 for the length and STD of 2 is standard. I was using something like 2.5 and 2.7 for the standard deviations, which is MUCH harder to trigger, and also much more accurate and much higher PF, but you get less trades too

I'm still panning to add those VIX systems or volatility systems - it's hard to to do everything, I really need an assistant, I can only do so much with the time I have

nah - next week have to wait for VIX to close back inside bands. VVIX closed inside today


Posted by matt on 2nd of Jun 2023 at 04:01 pm

IWM - Chart Link- hell of a last couple day for TNA for me

get it up there baby, get it higher, load the buss that's how it works

arun is doing his best cheerleading to get the rest of the masses all in now, so that will help

the way I wrote the system there's no parameters for how many bars it was outside the bands before closing back inside, it could have been 1 or several - that's actually an interesting input variable I may add to the system so that I can see the effect on the stats

Update: Update: BPENER


Posted by matt on 2nd of Jun 2023 at 03:07 pm

$BPENER - Chart Link really nice move in OIH today up over 6%

SPX 5 min

Posted by matt on 2nd of Jun 2023 at 03:06 pm

$SPX - Chart Link- again guys today was trend day, the focus on trend days is to focus on buying intra day pullbacks - exception can be late afternoon, but otherwise all morning, after mid day consolidation, you focus on buying those pullbacks/consolidations if one is playing ES or indexes

for individual stocks - trade those off the triggers from those charts

Digi - the VIX is Below its lower BB's the VVIX is trying to close back inside. They both have decent stats. If the VVIX closes back inside its lower BB's that would be a market sell, and same when the VIX closes back inside. you have it backwards 

following up on some names

Posted by matt on 2nd of Jun 2023 at 03:01 pm

LYEL - Chart Link - nice trade idea this week

SIMO - Chart Link - man that was a nice long

CMRX - Chart Link - flag playing out but not in love with the black candle today

CELH - Chart Link - nice trade - we called that 4th wave perfectly!

NNOX - Chart Link- what a beauty

again the trade ideas here are the bread and butter - play them

to me the TNA made the most sense going heavy into a couple days ago as the other indexes QQQ's especially that have lead this market have shot most of their wad, whereas IWM seemed like it had the most potential to play some catch up and move a larger % than SPX or QQQ if the market kept going higher, seeing that effect today

GDX 15 min

Posted by matt on 2nd of Jun 2023 at 02:32 pm

GDX - Chart Link added Fibs - at 50% Fib retrace

note trendline on RSI 15 and ratio as well


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