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I saw one of his interviews from financial tv and he said TSLA and Bitcoin are going up perpetually. Can't tell he owns them, right? Seems to be the new thing to cast these years into the future targets to continue the buying. It has worked, guess we will see. That euphoria chart Steve posted the other day is very telling. Most euphoric market in history is a huge statement. One day at a time, the pullback will come out of nowhere as usual. Sentiment is always the wildcard. Right now the crowd is comfortable. 

Thanks for sharing Steve, this is excellent work. Credit to whoever put it together

Long calls as well since

Some trade setups

Posted by fundamentalvalues on 11th of Jan 2021 at 08:18 am

Long calls as well since that divergent low area and 20s RSI. It should work its way toward 25s with any stock market pullback

It will fly if the

US Dollar

Posted by fundamentalvalues on 8th of Jan 2021 at 04:00 pm

It will fly if the market corrects. I think it is headed to $25s

Sounds bullish   

Reallocation/Trimming? Anyone else considering reallocating some of their long term holdings into year end strength here? Not talking about divesting totally, but at least trimming some of these big gains in small caps, health sciences, in general. 

$HUYA breaking out today and

Posted by fundamentalvalues on 17th of Dec 2020 at 07:45 am

$HUYA breaking out today and a 40% short float. Chart looking good here after basing. Shared yesterday, though worth posting again. I don't post a lot, though give significant risk/reward opportunities when I do. All backed by fundamentals as well as the chart. I'm long leaps

$OPES that I shared from

Posted by fundamentalvalues on 17th of Dec 2020 at 07:31 am

$OPES that I shared from $10s to $17s here is going public today and will become $BFI  , Burger Fi International. They will be ringing the Nasdaq opening bell as well. Lots of growth ahead over the next years. I've done significant dd in the name and am still long warrants. 

$HUYA  been sharing this since we

Posted by fundamentalvalues on 16th of Dec 2020 at 10:11 am

$HUYA  been sharing this since we touched the S1 pivot in the  $18s , now the 9/13 cross is in, basing and about to break out. One must understand the financials and growth rate of the business. This is one of the best values in the market right now. Next year it goes back to  $30  and more. I own leaps and would accumulate more on any weakness. Asia equities ex Japan poised to lead next year per Blackrock, who just increased their stake here as well as a few other large tutes. 

That being said, I will continue to trade what is in front of me and let price be my guide. One day at a time. 

I thought Cathie Wood's price target of $500,000 was high. The idea is that institutions will allocate funds to bitcoin, say 1% each, then it will grow and become 5%, etc. Hey, anything is possible in this market. Valuation is out the window and has been for years. Going to see another big drop at some point in the markets, the question is when, could be today or months from now. I always appreciate the information and charts you share. 

Really appreciate this chart, thanks. Wondering as we all are if January/Feb will have a big pullback. We will see, prices be our guide as always. 

I got long via calls at that support area  UUP and still long. I will probably hold it until its back in the $25s at least. Best time to buy is very overbought like that. Did the same with energy before this massive rally via the 2xetf. ERX Went high $8s to $16.71. Still have some but not as much. Been great trading around core position as well. 

Happy Birthday Steve! God Bless

Posted by fundamentalvalues on 9th of Dec 2020 at 06:48 am

Happy Birthday Steve! God Bless you and your family

$HUYA one of the best

Posted by fundamentalvalues on 7th of Dec 2020 at 11:33 am

$HUYA one of the best values in the entire market here of the $18s pivot, now trading at $19 with a 30 RSI, getting ready to run big. Goes huge in 2021 as well. Pristine balance sheet and growth. 

$UUP looking very cheap here

Posted by fundamentalvalues on 7th of Dec 2020 at 09:53 am

$UUP looking very cheap here with sentiment stretched in the other direction. Thinking some calls for when it rallies. 27 RSI. 

Thank you for your effort

Weekend Newsletter

Posted by fundamentalvalues on 7th of Dec 2020 at 09:14 am

Thank you for your effort Matt! Great work showing the past Decembers too, enjoyed seeing that with the DVTs! 

BTC been seeing some massive targets by bulls from 200,000-500,000. Cathie Wood is ultra bullish on the top end 

Matt, Is there a way

Posted by fundamentalvalues on 3rd of Dec 2020 at 09:15 am

Matt, Is there a way that we can receive notifications when someone replies to our public post? There are times when I post something then can't look at the board here again until later on. Then I'm trying to pan down through all the comments to look for replies. Thanks

When you guys say something

Posted by fundamentalvalues on 3rd of Dec 2020 at 08:59 am

When you guys say something is "coiling", is there another more common term for it?, they usually look like triangles to me where price is coming to an inflection point, or as you often say, "energy is building" I guess a lot of this is trader terminology and can be called a bunch of things


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