Yes those of us who

    final tally on the KISS Magic AI list LOL

    Posted by matt on 26th of May 2023 at 05:05 pm

    Yes those of us who have been around long enough know that the market is nutty right now, and clearly this AI even just recently kicked off hard again by NVDA, it jumped started the market again.

    things are nutty, but they can get nuttier and stay that way for a while. Steve will tell you that when he was a broker, back in early 99 one of this clients knew that the market was overvalued and started shorting - he was correct with his assessment was correct, but his timing was too early and he lost his ass - being right but too early

    that's what's nice about these KISS systems - again if you are not along any of those KISS fang names already, you can't chaise it here and that doesn't help - but most traders do own some of these already like AAPL, many open NVDA and MSFT, META, AMD , and of course index ETF's like QQQ, SPY etc. What's nice is that if the STS stops allow you to stay long for as long as the insanity lasts. So if the market goes up for another 3 months, so be it, the systems will raise the STS stops up along with it. And if the market decided to a do a rug pull - you have stop protection in - no need to guess when the insanity is going to end - if you are already long some of these names in an IRA account or whatever, just keep em ad continue to checks the KISS tables for not stops

    There is little doubt that

    Posted by timebandit on 26th of May 2023 at 05:20 pm

    There is little doubt that when the bulls fumble the ball it will be returned for a touchdown. These blow-offs or whatever you want to call them don't end well....once they end....and this one hasn't ended yet. It could end next week or in three weeks or three months.

    It is not a bad idea to step aside, take a breather, and clear your head when your decisions have been going against you.

    the larger STS tables are

    Posted by matt on 26th of May 2023 at 05:07 pm

    the larger STS tables are not updated for the basket, SPX 500 stocks, Nasdaq 100 stocks, ETF's

    and of course here's the condensed basket and AI magic 8 ball list 


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