I'm sorry victorh  while I appreciate feedback I don't agree with your comments for the following reasons:  #1. There was simply nothing, I mean nothing standing out in the commodities, it's a dead area lately, especially the precious metals area.  #2. The newsletter was about 33 min long and contained 68 charts, so it was very detailed.  #3. The majority of emails that I receive in support are the opposite - with comments for many years that we need to figure out how to make the newsletters shorter and more condensed, that we should do a newsletter like this only every other day etc, quite a few members write in wanting to canceling saying they don't have time to follow the newsletters etc, that's actually the majority of the comments, and of course I write them back explaining why they are wrong etc.  Most services out there do a comprehensive newsletter once a week or once a month.  

    Also regarding trade ideas - as one member pointed out - a better place to look at a 'condensed' version of the trade ideas is in the 'trade ideas' section because that contains condensed tables for every newsletter and is a FAR better way to view multiple trade ideas from days in a row, vs the newsletters where you cannot see them all efficiently like this.  Also the 'Alarms' button is a nice place as well.  See the attached image, if you are wanting to track multiple trade ideas over the last week or two, it's far easier to see them in tabular format from the trade idea section

    A couple other things:  I am just now seeing your comment, it is 8 pm Monday night.  I was sick as a dog all day, couldn't even get out of bed as I was so nauceous.  I was starting to come down with this on Sunday and didn't feel my best as it was.  

    Over the years I have been the one who has pioneered all the ideas and changes to the website:  The way the newsletters are done, the systems, the new website, the old website, I created all this.  I also answer the support emails, billing, legal etc, all the admin stuff falls on me.  The point I'm making, I can hardly keep up, my wife makes comments all the time like ' you can never go out with me and the kids, you work too much etc.

    I'm also currently working on another big project that could benefit everyone - keep in mind, that I have to somehow try to fit developing new stuff, while doing all the normal work like newsletters, emails etc.  Anyway while I value your comments I also think you should just email them in or pm us vs the public forum

    Also many thanks to everyone else who supported me via chiming in!

    Matt I can believe members complaint

    Posted by cuqui69 on 5th of Dec 2017 at 08:11 am

    Matt I can believe members complaint about the comprehensive newsletter and some wants to cancel subscription.  I love you and Steve comprehensive newsletter. When I don’t have a time  I just look for what I am interested the SPX or Gold for example and for the trade ideas is just quickly browse the charts to see what particular trade idea interest me! Keep it Simple.

    I have learn so much from your comprehensive newsletter than many books and newsletter out there.  Keep the great work many members appreciated it.

    Hi Matt. I just want

    Posted by peterjennings71 on 5th of Dec 2017 at 03:07 am

    Hi Matt. I just want to add my support for the work that yourself, Steve and the rest of the BPT team do for us subscribers. I personally find the newsletters very comprehensive and educational, especially compared to all of the previous financial newsletter providers that I have subscribed to over the years. The changes to the website are looking really good, and the Spy Pro system that you offer as a free extra as part of the membership is worth many times the subscription fee alone !  Keep up the great work and I wish you and your family a speedy recovery from your sickness bug.

    I completely agree. It is

    Posted by sbwoman on 5th of Dec 2017 at 11:52 am

    I completely agree. It is amazing all the work Matt has done and continue to do on the site and the systems. We get daily and weekend newsletters (I like the single weekend report) AND the SPY system, 401 paint dry, etc. Then if you don't have the time to do the newsletters you can use the new player version and just get the charts that you want. Its amazing! 3 cheers for Matt and Steve and boo to any complainers! Feel better Matt.


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