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Spy Pro - Quality over Quantity when it comes to trades. Please keep the Spy Pro system Matt, but if there are sub subsystems that you don't believe are improving the system (like you have mentioned about the Strong Trend Shallow Pullback) then remove them . Keep up the brilliant work that yourself and Steve do :o)

isplat - I appreciate your words of experience and wisdom. The subject of leverage and margin are what I am studying now regarding spread betting as I can see that there is a big difference between buying shares and using margin to bet on pounds per points (a new concept to me and hence the reason that I am using the demo account to learn).

Thanks again to all who have replied to my post.

Thanks for your reply ghunt74. Based on my research of UK spreadbetting companies, IG Index is the (demo) platform that I am now testing and so far I am very impressed. Thanks again for the recommendation, and best of luck with your trading :)

Many thanks for the information Ray. I will check wth IB in the UK and see what they say.  I have spent much of today researching spread betting after isplat's post, and that may well be the answer moving forwards. It does offer a few advantages over buying XIV directly (no tax, longer trading hours) so I am using my broker's Demo Spread Betting platform to learn before "going live" !!

Very constructive reply isplat - many thanks for that  Spread betting is not something I am familar with (yet !!) but I will start researching it now as a solution. Can you recommend any geared instruments that I should look at as similar to XIV ?

Question for any BPT members

Posted by peterjennings71 on 31st of Jan 2018 at 03:44 am

Question for any BPT members that are UK residents : do any members of BPT community trade the Spy Pro system signals from the UK ? I have been for the last two years, and now understand that a change in regulations (EEA) means that , as a UK resident, I am no longer able to buy ETF's (SPY, UPRO & XIV) as from 4th January this year. As you can appreciate, that is causing me a major problem as I trade the SPY system via XIV exclusively. Has any other BPT member in the UK encountered this problem, and if so, have you been able to find a solution to trading the SPY Pro signals from the UK. Any help would be appreciated.  

Hi Matt. 

I , for one, would love if you reported what all the individual subsystems are doing (as I rate them so highly !)  , and don't believe that you need to revamp the Spy Pro section in order to do this. You could just advise the members via the sticky notes in the Community section of the relevant subsystem information (like you do with the Trend Long one)without having to publish a list of the trades in the Spy Section. That section can be kept exclusively for the combined Spy Pro system as it is now. Just a thought ....... :o) 

Hi Matt. I just want to add my support for the work that yourself, Steve and the rest of the BPT team do for us subscribers. I personally find the newsletters very comprehensive and educational, especially compared to all of the previous financial newsletter providers that I have subscribed to over the years. The changes to the website are looking really good, and the Spy Pro system that you offer as a free extra as part of the membership is worth many times the subscription fee alone !  Keep up the great work and I wish you and your family a speedy recovery from your sickness bug.

Matt - as someone who


Posted by peterjennings71 on 30th of Oct 2017 at 04:02 am

Matt - as someone who trades XIV based on the SPY Pro signals, I look forward to hearing the results of your findings and research . All I can say is thank you so much for all your hard work and continued effort with the systems and for sharing them with us - you are a legend ! :o) 

Matt - Excellent work with all areas of the SPY Pro system - thank you so much for sharing it with us. Has there been any change to the hard stop or is it still 250.43 ?

Excellent SPY Pro trade Matt especially using XIV , and best of luck with your exams on Friday .

Hi Matt - looks great - does the breakout system close the trade if the stop is hit intraday , or does it wait until the end of the trading day to exit ? 

Thanks for all your hard work and effort with these systems Matt - pure genius - really looking forward to using the Breakout subsystem with Spy

Thank you very much for posting your valuable research regarding the XIV-VXX strategy with the SPY Pro signals. To clarify, when you mention selling the fund at 4:00 instead of at the opening price, do you mean selling the fund at the close of trading the day the SPY Pro exits, or the day after the SPY Pro exits ? (Presumably which ever option you have posted is the most successful according to your research ?)

I currently buy XIV at the open when the SPY Pro goes long the previous day (after the close) , and sell at the open the day after the Spy Pro closes , but am happy to change this if your research shows there is a more profitable way of doing this :o)

Also, are you basing your figures on going 100% long using a single entry method (as I know Matt is currently using a 60:40 two entry method if it pulls back after the first entry)

Thanks again.

Just to echo the sentiment Matt that I am just glad your ok after your incident with the deer. With regards the Spy Pro system, is there an exit target in mind for today or may the system stay long into Election results day tomorrow ?

Having all that detailed information about the particular Spy Pro trade type in the newsletter is excellent - many thanks !

That would be excellent Matt - I'd love to know the statistics for the individual trade types . Are you planning on including the trade type name when you post the Spy Pro system trades in the future ?

Just to echo what Ship said, I really appreciate all that you and Steve do on this site.

They are both excellent systems Matt, and I would love if you were able to share the ES trades with the members in the same way as you do with the Spy Pro (which I trade), especially seeing how it improves the annuals gains having the two systems combined. 


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