Hi Matt. I just want to add my support for the work that yourself, Steve and the rest of the BPT team do for us subscribers. I personally find the newsletters very comprehensive and educational, especially compared to all of the previous financial newsletter providers that I have subscribed to over the years. The changes to the website are looking really good, and the Spy Pro system that you offer as a free extra as part of the membership is worth many times the subscription fee alone !  Keep up the great work and I wish you and your family a speedy recovery from your sickness bug.

    I completely agree. It is

    Posted by sbwoman on 5th of Dec 2017 at 11:52 am

    I completely agree. It is amazing all the work Matt has done and continue to do on the site and the systems. We get daily and weekend newsletters (I like the single weekend report) AND the SPY system, 401 paint dry, etc. Then if you don't have the time to do the newsletters you can use the new player version and just get the charts that you want. Its amazing! 3 cheers for Matt and Steve and boo to any complainers! Feel better Matt.


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