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The bulls have the ball.

Posted by vimal on 2nd of Feb 2024 at 05:34 am

The bulls have the ball. BALL should definitely have the ball   

Bullish Volume breakout and MACD curling up.

Not the best drawn illustration.

Posted by vimal on 8th of Jan 2024 at 02:08 pm

Not the best drawn illustration. VZLA looks like its forming a "W-Shape pattern". May have legs if it breaks up decisively from here. Perhaps to $1.70 - $1.80 as a measured move

.....and if that doesn't play out....a Rounded Bottom (rather like mine!    )

Yep spot on. I find that these articles/videos etc are great headline grabbers. Usually bearish ones grab more views I would guess. Also these "Gurus" have no accountability. Ask them for their track record if you truly believe in one technician or blogger. They will soon run to the hills. Develop your own system with firm risk and money management disciplines in place. If 30 years of trading has taught me one key lesson, then this is it.

This is a v. Good point

Great newsletter Matt! Thankyou. I wanted to just check......For Oil, does a 5th wave not normally need some form of divergence in MACD? I guess I am asking if the 5th wave low is in or whether there is one more possible push down

Sorry ignore above. Just seen Chart 42 on the newsletter

Hi Matt. Great newsletter! I

Posted by vimal on 20th of Oct 2023 at 04:26 am
  1. Hi Matt. Great newsletter! I wanted to get your views on URA. I can't quite see the C completing down. Candlestick patterns look bullish. Do you think the structure still favours an ABC or has it potentially turned here? I am nibbling away at buying it and will average down if a clear ABC transpires. Would welcome thoughts

I like the inclusion of

Posted by vimal on 10th of Oct 2023 at 03:43 pm

I like the inclusion of targets for the trade ideas in the Newsletter   

Try TradingView with the code there being Pine. Failing that, Ninjatrader. 

Credit to yourself Steve and

China Names Updated

Posted by vimal on 28th of Jul 2023 at 10:36 am

Credit to yourself Steve and to Matt. The trade ideas you post are good. I do not follow them enough to be honest but they are good picks for sure.

It's perfectly fine at my end. Try listening on a different device. See if it makes a difference at your end. 

Yep. I use MT5 daily. It looks pretty "basic". Not like TS or TV for example. I can code Easylanguage and Pine but have not really got the hang of Metaeditor programming. 

My suggestion is to download the platform and then as part of the process, you usually have to register on the MT Forum. This forum is rich in resource, cheap coders, trade ideas, platform tips etc. You can post your queries re: Coding (Think its C+ language)

Give it a go. Its free to download and try on a demo account

Just as FYI, the difference between MT4 & MT5 is that MT5 opens up trading for stocks and ETFs aswell whereas MT4 is vanilla just focusing on FX, Core commodities and Indices. So go for MT5. Its tutti frutti rather than plain vanilla   

If being short was part of a plan, then its fine. I was also short today but its part of one of my swing trading short term strategies and the PFs are good so I am not worried about today. 

Its being short on an uncontrolled basis which I would think is rough. And I, just like most others have been in that boat (long time ago). Key is to have a plan, Risk & Money Management and strategies that work. Then I personally blank everything else out as I trust the strategies

That's my pennies worth so hope it helps!

Well done Steveo!!! Some good

XP nice

Posted by vimal on 18th of Jul 2023 at 12:58 pm

Well done Steveo!!! Some good news to journal for sure!! 

That's a good approach. We'll done!! Keep it up.

Journalling is time consuming but sadly essential as you know. My buddy has been a trading psychologist for 25 years working with all major houses and has written many books. His suggestion to me is to write down ( rather than type) your journal. 

Something in the mind triggers differently with pen and paper

Anyway, just a thought from him FWIW

Watch your blood pressure Matt. It's my opinion and if you don't agree then great for you

Call me sceptical. With trendlines, rear view mirror is always easier. I could have drawn both the up and downtrend RSI lines differently getting me in and out at different places. 

So there is one called COFF.L

I think this is traded on the LSE as its got the London "L" after it in Stockcharts

I mapped correlation to $COFFEE and it looks like 0.99 or higher. So pretty much mirrors the underlying


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