How about NLY (reit)? Pays

Dividend plays follow up

Posted by cozz101 on 22nd of Jan 2020 at 01:23 pm

How about NLY (reit)? Pays over 10% I believe and fairly stable. It's had a pretty nice run as of late.

Thanks for posting this chart! CRM had a beautiful breakout very early in January preceded by a move in December from kind of a handle. (cup and handle look). Any targets on this? I was initially thinking 195ish, but it's gone so far so fast, maybe needs a little consolidation soon? 

Thanks Matt for the helpful vid! It's good to know that this short is probably one that is occurring within a trend vs capping the end of the trend. 

Btw, are you still working on or considering including the ES system on the website? Does that have any short components? 

Hopefully before the next big buy-in on the 2 hr system  :) 

This is the perfect complement to the SPY HP system in my mind

Love this 2 hr system,

120 min SSO system stop number 5

Posted by cozz101 on 8th of Jan 2020 at 10:34 am

Love this 2 hr system, when do you think  you will be ready to share it with members? 

In my limited experience, I have always placed a limit order as well and then pennied-in to a certain point if not picking up. 

I also only trade options on highly liquid underlying etf's or stocks like spx,  qqq or rut for example. The spreads are way better.

Dang, you might want to

PRED chart and video

Posted by cozz101 on 7th of Jan 2020 at 10:27 am

Dang, you might want to find a nuclear waste site to dispose of those! You've got me thinking about buying one of those gieger counters.  I'm in real estate and people always ask about granite countertops since there was some buzz awhile ago about those emitting radiation. Good to know yours don't! 

Nice, thank you Matt... Great newsletter! 

While you are waiting to

Trend Momo condition triggering

Posted by cozz101 on 2nd of Jan 2020 at 08:34 pm

While you are waiting to get the details and backend stuff done, I appreciate that you are sharing when the ES system takes a trade even if timing is not perfect. This last time, I was able to get in on the trade the next day at a relatively similar price to the close the day before. I am still in this trade and enjoying the gains. 

It is nice to get more frequent opportunities as the SPY system seems to have more signals when there is a substantial pullback in a reversion-to-mean type trade. (although I realize there is a SPY breakout system too).

I do see the dilemma with the options trade placement and the possibility that there could be a false signal given prior to 5pm. Maybe members could have the understanding that this could happen if they are placing options trades. If not and just using this for ETF signals, at least there are that many more trading opportunities. 

On this trade, will you

Trend Momo condition triggering

Posted by cozz101 on 31st of Dec 2019 at 02:12 pm

On this trade, will you be letting us know at the close or doesn't the ES system work that way? 

Lookin good on Silver stocks.

follow up on pm stocks

Posted by cozz101 on 26th of Dec 2019 at 10:51 am

Lookin good on Silver stocks. I bought the straight etf  SLV based on your comments and rewarding as well! Wondering, now that these are mostly all breaking out and especially the overall sector, how would you play these? I'm thinking this is the start of a run but would you start placing higher low stops as things progress and/or is there an upside target? 

Such cute little ones, hope

Systems and Merry Christmas!

Posted by cozz101 on 26th of Dec 2019 at 09:15 am

Such cute little ones, hope they and you had a great Christmas! 

I am looking forward to your upgrades and also the existing system. For what it is worth, I was using QQQ for half of my positions with the SPY system and it worked quite nicely. 

On the 2 hour stuff, this seems like the perfect complement to the SPY system (which is usually  more short term). I would love a 2 hour swing system for the intermediate term  holds.

Have a great New Year Matt and Steve! 

Okay so those four filters need to be triggered to get the buy on the two hour chart. Makes sense, thanks for clarifying. 

Matt, what are you using for entry? (when the BPT MA Deluxe goes green on the 2 hour chart?) Or are you using the Renko or PMOBUYALL? I understand the stops and I understand your filters. 

This would be a really great swing system to complement the often times shorter term SPY Hi Prob system. I would like to trade this but would like to know for sure how best to enter the trade. 

Bollinger bands on hourly VIX

Posted by cozz101 on 18th of Dec 2019 at 03:54 pm

Bollinger bands on hourly VIX chart seem pretty narrow here with VIX starting to move up.

Excel files...Just had a chance to really look at this...amazing results and appreciate you sharing the data. Looking forward to trading both systems!

And this appears to be trading just one option...imagine the possibilities with the subsystems and being in more than one trade at a time. 

I bought XLE this morning.

ERX follow up

Posted by cozz101 on 9th of Dec 2019 at 11:39 am

I bought XLE this morning. I know you suggested 57.8 for this one as an initial stop. I'm thinking of this as a swing trade. 

Today's low was 59.26, very close to my buy in price, wondering if a stop just below would be better?

Matt, does Silver always follow similiar patterns to Gold? Are the gold commercials also applied to Silver? Any downside targets?

Just paid for my membership

Posted by cozz101 on 6th of Dec 2019 at 05:16 pm

Just paid for my membership again, since August, like X10! Matt & Steve you are reaching guru status on your market reads. So many tips from the newsletter, helping with more than just the SPY system but that alone is well worth it.

You guys who trade options have probably even done better...that's the New Year's resolution for me! 

I see Renko hinting at

Posted by cozz101 on 3rd of Dec 2019 at 10:54 am

I see Renko hinting at a trend change. If the market stays down for the day and possibly goes lower, maybe that will give a sell. 

On another note, any chance of a SPY system Buy if the market stays down and goes lower into the close? 


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