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I wish I could have your bill! I was recently shocked by my natural gas heating bill at a second home in Virginia. It is Columbia Gas and the bill was $490 for one month! The home has two furnaces but really? We weren't even living there and the heat was set at 70.  (now a lot lower while no one is there)

I think on the contrary, Gas companies are increasing the price of natural gas to make up for losses possibly? If you don't really shop around for a supplier, this type of thing's gonna happen!

Is this ES short trade version 1 or 2 of the Hi Mid Lo? 

If you have access to TOS the charts allow the NYSE Mclellan Oscillator (nymo) and the Nasdaq (namo) to be added to any chart. I use them on the etf indexes. It is very helpful and shows good divergences too. Both are at at very high levels at the moment. Looks a bit different than stockcharts though. 

The Generals are going down

Posted by cozz101 on 4th of Jan 2023 at 10:13 am

The Generals are going down (MSFT, AAPL, etc), wonder if this is a sign we are close to a tradeable bottom? 

I am NOT saying we are there yet!!

I was wondering how the

QQQ next bar open strategy

Posted by cozz101 on 4th of Jan 2023 at 09:22 am

I was wondering how the big gaps we have seen on opening prices in the last year would affect that aspect of the system.  Looking forward to the final product and I'm sure you will find a way! 

Wow, thanks for the perspective with the charts! 

Which makes me wonder about the smart money knowing data results before other traders! It happened recently on the CPI number. 

Smart move, congrats! I have to wonder if the numbers are predicting something for the next quarter, which is a little further out than a quick swing trade. 

I've yet to hear anyone really know and explain the reasoning for such  high put/call numbers. So far some have suggested: ODTE trading (which has been going on pretty much all year), Arbitrage (not sure, how that works), people trading options is increasing (this would have been much worse during the pandemic imo) and my guess is that maybe traders are spinning off long term options for tax losses and repositioning with puts?

All I know is that the indicator kept me from taking a short position on this last move and was wrong.  I'm not sure if I know how to use the data anymore or if it's helpful due to the wild gyrations. 

Thanks Matt, since we consolidated the gains today in the last couple hours maybe we'll get another push up tomorrow (and with hopeful continuation of Christmas rally). I'm gonna hold here and follow the system. 

Thanks for your advice. Is there a chart link for that or a setting/symbol in stockcharts? 

Any guidance on the systems,

Posted by cozz101 on 21st of Dec 2022 at 03:20 pm

Any guidance on the systems, Matt? Are they still looking to exit? 

Wouldn't a high put/call normally indicate low current price and possible rally (with so many buying puts)? Lately with the wild swings, not sure if I trust it. 

I've been wondering if this indicator has lost it's mojo...

Don't mean the tabs for

CCI long system stats for SPY

Posted by cozz101 on 20th of Dec 2022 at 03:54 pm

Don't mean the tabs for the trades/stats...I mean a separate section under the community where we can go to see if there is any discussion on the systems. Just called it a tab but I'm talking about the separate section for discussion you guys talked about recently. 

Thanks for the stats on

CCI long system stats for SPY

Posted by cozz101 on 20th of Dec 2022 at 02:03 pm

Thanks for the stats on this. Looks like a good system. 

I think once we get a separate tab or area of the website for the SPY/ES stuff, it's going to be a lot easier to follow. I like the heads up on the blog but sometimes I miss the post due to need to filter through messages. Hope we can get this in the new year. Happy Holidays everyone! 

Thanks for posting that; pretty short term oversold. 

Wondering how much of this

Posted by cozz101 on 16th of Dec 2022 at 09:39 am

Wondering how much of this selling is last ditch tax loss selling effort? I know the bigger fish have already done this but thinking some of the retail investors are doing so. They used to call this the "free lunch" on wall street for buyers but not sure how that applies in this bear market. 

On ES do you mean 1st entry long? Maybe a set up for a Christmas rally? 

REALLY appreciate the candor and

Comment about systems

Posted by cozz101 on 15th of Dec 2022 at 10:11 am

REALLY appreciate the candor and I think a trader can't grow without analyzing like this. To me it's not about who made the best call when, it's about how to use the past to make the future more successful.  The systems are pretty cool and probably should be left alone but the emotion it must take to do this (especially when you have subscribers that rely on it) has to be over the top. 

We are lucky to have you willing to share these systems and your thinking on how to trade them (in real time)! 

On another note, I was totally ready to take a decent short position yesterday on some big divergences on the indicators but held back due to the put/call being so high. It confused me so I just decided to do nothing....haha, kicking myself today. 


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