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That couldn't have been said better, Matt! I learned that after making mistakes early on and it's been the number one most valuable thing for my trading. Position sizing and knowing the goal for the trade prior to entering it. (including where you will exit if it goes against you). 

On the systems, I'm holding half my short position and just sold the other half at the bottom of this short term wedge that was pointed out on the blog...happy camper!

Wow, great charts...thank you. 

Happy too...there are so many great technicians on this site and I have gained a lot of knowledge from them. Just trying to give something back. 

I am marking the subwaves which IMO make these impulse waves down. 

Could it be this easy?

Posted by cozz101 on 28th of Jul 2022 at 10:45 am

Could it be this easy?  This chart is based on EW and I know there are a thousand different interpretations but so far this simple view has steered me right this year. 

We are in a bear market as Matt/Steve have been pounding into our heads. On this yearly chart that started end of last year (near term top). We have three major moves down (marked in red) and if this is correct we are in the middle of a 4th wave formation. This would break down into these A-B-C type correction rallies.  (one such marked in blue)

Wave 2 correction was a zig zag. I seem to remember from my reading that wave 4 corrective moves are usually opposite the other, so possibly a trianglular type formation. 

Therefore, could we be in a triangle 4th wave formation which should serve to frustrate most traders? If this is the case, this 4th wave should not overlap wave 1 at 418 ish.  This may be a little different level depending on what type of chart you are viewing. 

This POSSIBLY portends a scary 5th wave in the Fall? (great buying opp imho). Again, goes along with much of what Matt/Steve have been preaching. 

This is just food for your own homework but just thought it might be helpful to put this out there. 

Posted this back on July

Posted by cozz101 on 28th of Jul 2022 at 10:12 am

Posted this back on July 25th...maybe this moon stuff ain't so crazy after all...

Apparently market tends to rally into a new moon and sell off into full moon. 

Thank you for saying can find plenty of political commentary on other sites... Let's rise above and stick to the stuff that we are here, tech analysis...

Here is a chart of daily VXN; marked spots where price (line chart) went outside bb's on the downside. The previous two this year did seem to indicate some type of short term top or nearby to one. Let's see is we can be 3 for 3 here. 

This might have a big part to do with PBW's (clean energy) move off of a long bottoming formation.  

I posted a daily chart back on the 20th of July showing a move off the lows. Here is a weekly chart indicating a possible great swing trade opportunity. 

Interesting how Aapl and Fed

Week Ahead

Posted by cozz101 on 25th of Jul 2022 at 08:36 am

Interesting how Aapl and Fed announcement come around the new moon which is more apt to occur on a market rally. 

That's a good chart. I have this one bookmarked too and try to keep it in mind for higher probability shorts. 

My thoughts...will it get de-listed making it even harder to sell?

Smart man! Thought it was a long termer...never got the memo...

All but for our beloved GRYN....dying a slow under .1!

Clean energy (PBW) finally catching

Posted by cozz101 on 20th of Jul 2022 at 10:35 am

Clean energy (PBW) finally catching a bid after basing for a long time. A=C (or symmetry) brings this etf to a target near the 200 dma or around 63. 

Okay, I see QE BTS short and am familiar with that; just don't see the QE 3 or QE BTS 3 on the stats table. Must be a version 3? 

I don't see QE 3 short on your stats section. Is it a new system? 

Took a stab at Mr

Posted by cozz101 on 13th of Jul 2022 at 11:09 am

Took a stab at Mr Softi...will have a mental stop below the possible triangle consolidation. Big old gaps up there at 290 and 310ish. 

I'm bored....let's get this (party)

Posted by cozz101 on 6th of Jul 2022 at 09:26 am

I'm bored....let's get this (party) rally started! 

This setting on stochastic for the monthly chart could really be useful to know when the Bear is here and when it's time to be Bullish again. I can see it helping to keep the core on the sidelines or heavily hedged or some combo thereof.  Very helpful!


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