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This is going to be great when ready for prime time...I look forward to it! 

I don't have a big enough position but I think a "class action" will probably come out of it. The thing is, will the company survive or would it be like getting water from a stone? 

My other half is an engineer for a big tech company and he has been non-stop busy from 9 to 6 and then afterhours most days. They bought him a nice chair for home  and he needs it! All travel has been cancelled but they are just doing most of that remotely...probably saving the company even more money.

I think the system is very good and that members can use the data as a clue to which direction we are likely to go in the short term. You can trade around the signals and leverage (or not) the signals. The members have to take responsibility for how they trade it.  For as many years as I have watched the market and it has been a lot... going back into the 90s...I've never seen the market do what it did last month. Yet, Matt with your sleepless nights, you did not fold but stayed there for us anxious members and helped us through. 

Yes, I knew you had stated the options would be pretty worthless at one point and that  you were revising the system but I still thought you were maintaining this trade. Personally, I had sold any options I had on a quick rebound and limited losses back then but I held some etf's and have been trading around them. I had actually averaged down and now have mostly gains on the trade. I realize though some people would want to feel that they can just watch email for any trades and have that security.  Interestingly, the trend trade at least held long enough to remedy catastrophic losses. Thank you for sending out the email today and I'm sure you are relieved that trade is over. 

I'm just confused why you didn't send the signal for the Long Trend trade to close out on email as you usually do. 

This is what your post says? Am I reading it wrong?

ALSO the original open Long/Trend trade  - that is closing out today finally. 

I just saw this on the blog, did you send out an email for the Trend trade close?

Wow great graph of potential future trajectory! Thank you

Thanks for the update on

New DVT 120 min

Posted by cozz101 on 8th of Apr 2020 at 12:20 pm

Thanks for the update on that!

Steve, please know our thoughts

Administrative Note:

Posted by cozz101 on 30th of Mar 2020 at 09:54 am

Steve, please know our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family! 

Seems like you could just pick your time period and trade off it! I have my chart set up all on TOS so it would be a major headache to go to Tradestation. No chance to buy for TOS import? 

Okay thanks Matt; I can mimmick these charts on TOS but don't have the real time BPT MA's which are proprietary.  Therefore, I can't see the BPT MA in real time to make a decision using them. 

I know others have shown interest so opening up a thread on this when we are close is a good thing. Thanks!

Matt, could you let us

Posted by cozz101 on 25th of Mar 2020 at 09:35 am

Matt, could you let us know if your 120 min system gets a buy signal today? 

I just scalped a trade


Posted by cozz101 on 23rd of Mar 2020 at 01:24 pm

I just scalped a trade off of the same chart and count.

I'm a real estate agent in the DC area and last week I put a house on the market and had 15 showings and 5 contracts on it within 24 hrs. I had my hand sanitizer station out and the sellers had to do a thorough cleaning when they got home but lots of housing interest. Now Amazon has moved into our area and with interest rates so low buyers are looking for houses and since some sellers aren't putting on the market due to the scare, it's creating a shortage and prices still going up. 

However, some buyers have freaked out lately and just gotten out of contracts for no reason other than watching the news and being scared. I'm guessing maybe some of this is financial but that has not been the reasons they have given. 

I know it has been a seller's market for almost 10 years and my guess is that this could turn the tides as the year unfolds. I believe because foreclosures will happen later in the year and it will start to put pressure on the entire market. Also as people go without jobs, it will affect buyer numbers and eventually turn the market to a buyer's market. This might ultimately lead to more affordable housing but I'm just not seeing it yet in our area. 

I even notice this with SSO this morning. It is down 1.3% while spy down .2%

I'm counting on that to get the hell out of Dodge! 


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