Video, Trade To Win: Trade Size Calculation, Stops, Targets

Hi guys, as you know Steve and I put out a lot of trade ideas, and I'd say a good 70% - 90% of them work out since we put out great ideas.  However it's clear that a lot of you are not either doing them, or you have tried and failed.  I want you to succeed here and make money, and this video discussed a methodical and systematic approach that you can employ to help define and limit your losses, and be consistently profitable in the long term.  A lot of this is very simply, T.A. 101, however a lot of you are probably not employing this simple method, and by doing so you will become a consistently profitable winning trader!

CLICK HERE  to watch this important video.  

here's some examples using a risk of 500 and 250.  Again whatever your risk tolerance is, or the amount that you feel comfortable losing on a trade, use that to calculate the 'PROPER' number of shares you should be buying based on the difference between your entry and initial stop


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