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However I also made a detailed video where I can easily point and click to point to things.  Sometimes videos can get the points across easier.  You be the choice of which one works better, video or audio:

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Symmetry is a very powerful tool in technical analysis that Steve and I have discussed and utilized for years now.  Below I have put together multiple and very detailed examples of this very powerful technique.  

The beauty of symmetry is that it's a universal function in that it can be used across multiple time frames (Monthly, Weekly, Daily, Intra day) or instruments (stocks, futures, currencies).  There is no curve fit to a certain time frame or instrument.  

The concept is very simple and simplicity is best!  

1. One first notes the established trend, whether it is an uptrend or a downtrend.

2. Observe the strength of the pullbacks:  In a major uptrend on a particular stock example you might see that the largest two pullbacks were $2 and $1.90, then once you see a pullback that larger than these pullbacks, we call that a break in symmetry.  This tells you that the odds are extremely high that the next rally will form a lower high.  Of course the reverse is true in downtrends; observe the largest bounces in a downtrend and when you see a rally that exceeds the previous ones, that's a break in symmetry and you can expect to see a higher low form on the next pullback.

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Images below show examples of using symmetry even on a very short inta day time frame of 1 - 5 min charts!  

Symmetry is a powerful tool that works universally across multiple time frames!




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