just like we had that daily MACD KISS/Stochastic setup on the SPY, we had one intra day on a 10 min SPY chart - see example, gave a very objective entry

    again my job here isn't to be able to point out all these to you in real time, but to give you examples and education so that if you wished to use such tools as this, you can set up on your charts and monitor for setups on your own in real time

    and just like that MACD

    Posted by matt on 8th of Mar 2023 at 04:13 pm

    and just like that MACD KISS/Stochastic setup - I know a few of you guys code or try to - why not try to code that strategy up? I've given enough parameters for you to set up the rules, see if you can get something working - good exercise if you want to get into this stuff and develop your own stuff

    I took a shot at

    Posted by bulf6285 on 9th of Mar 2023 at 08:17 pm

    I took a shot at trying to code this into a Short Strategy. It works, but not great results. Maybe someone in the community can take a look and make a reccomendation? 

    Heres the code:

    StochLength1( 60 ),
    StochLength2( 5 ),
    StochOverbought (75),
    StochLevel( 50 ),
    FastLength( 12 ),
    SlowLength( 26 ),
    MACDLength( 9 ),
    Amount( 10 ),
    PositionBasis( false );
    ReturnValue1( 0 ),
    oFastK1( 0 ),
    oFastD1( 0 ),
    oSlowK1( 0 ),
    oSlowD1( 0 ),
    ReturnValue2( 0 ),
    oFastK2( 0 ),
    oFastD2( 0 ),
    oSlowK2( 0 ),
    oSlowD2( 0 ),
    MyMACD( 0 ),
    MACDAvg( 0 ),
    MACDDiff( 0 ),
    Price( Close );

    ReturnValue1 = Stochastic( H, L, C, StochLength1, 3, 3, 1, oFastK1, oFastD1, oSlowK1,
    oSlowD1 );
    ReturnValue2 = Stochastic( H, L, C, StochLength2, 3, 3, 1, oFastK2, oFastD2, oSlowK2,
    oSlowD2 );
    MyMACD = MACD( Close, FastLength, SlowLength );
    MACDAvg = XAverage( MyMACD, MACDLength );
    MACDDiff = MyMACD - MACDAvg;

    Condition1 = oSlowk1<50;
    Condition2 = oSlowk2>StochOverbought;
    Condition3 = MyMACD>MyMACD[1];
    Condition4 = MACDDiff<0;
    Condition5 = MACDDiff<0;
    Condition6 = MACDDiff[1]<0;

    If Condition1 and Condition2 and Condition3 and Condition4 and Condition5 and Condition6 Then sell short next bar at market;  
    if PositionBasis then
    if MarketPosition = -1 then Begin
    SetProfitTarget( Amount );
    SetStopLoss( Amount1 );
    If MACDDiff>=0.05 Then Buy to cover next bar at market;

    bulf6285. Love this. Motivating for

    Posted by DigiNomad on 9th of Mar 2023 at 10:14 pm

    bulf6285. Love this. Motivating for me as well. I'll poke around this weekend and see what I can see in terms of potentially contributing. Thanks!

    nice to see one of

    Posted by matt on 9th of Mar 2023 at 08:57 pm

    nice to see one of you guys attempt it!

    some obvious issues: 1. entries should be stop orders set 1 tick below or above the candle, these are triggering on the open of a candle. The stop loss is also trigging on the open of candlesticks vs at a set stop point. Stops should be above the current or last candle for shorts, and below for longs

    but you have to realize that while the MACD KISS/Stoch 5 strategy is quite a simple strategy, when trying to put it to actual code to be automated it up it gets a lot more complicated than you think. There's a lot of variables that you need to try and define that you don't think about when you subjectively trade it

    For example: do you trigger off the high or low of any candlestick or do you try to limit those candles to dojis, candles with small bodies only, and if you do, you now have to define your settings for what a doji is, such as how big of a % of candle range do you allow the body to be, things like that. Or do you try to limit candles that are too large  etc

    The Stochastic getting overbought or oversold - do you limit it to >=80% for overbought, or do you have the condition start to be counted if the Stochastic is say 65% or higher, the same for when it's oversold, do you force it to be below 20%, or higher?

    Also do you try and define filters for the MACD and Stochastic. For example: if the MACD lines crossed 5 bars ago or 10 bars ago, 20 bars ago, do you set some kind of limit threshold. Also, many times MACD lines just barely cross and then reverse, so do you require that the MACD lines have not touched or do you give it some wiggle room, and if so how much

    the 5 length Stochastic - do you add a filter where it had recycled from oversold to overbought for the short within X number of bars? Same for longs? Basically trying to add a condition so that if the Stochastic is just osculating in a middle range maybe those signals don't work as well as if the stochastic had moved from overbought to oversold or oversold to overbought

    also the profit targets and stops: What to use for a profit target? a 1:1 risk/reward target? a 2:1, a 3:1? Or Stochastic to get from overbought to oversold or from oversold to overbought?  And what if that doesn't occur, what's your other exit? What's your stop also, and how does it adjust

    again -I want to show you guys that even very simple strategies get much more complex when you actually code them because everything has to be defined, and exact. Things that you don't even think about or consider when subjectively trading the setup, will prove to have dramatic results in a coded strategy

    point being - it's very complicated when actually trying to code something like this

    Sweet! This is a great

    Posted by DigiNomad on 9th of Mar 2023 at 10:12 pm

    Sweet! This is a great starting point for improving the code. Copied to clipboard. Thanks!

    You can say that again

    Posted by bulf6285 on 9th of Mar 2023 at 09:09 pm

    You can say that again :) 

    This was after god knows how many iterations and still not right.

    Can't imagine what the system trade codes must look like.

    I have staring the arduous

    Posted by matt on 9th of Mar 2023 at 09:16 pm

    I have staring the arduous task of writing it up, marking up detailed examples for James - it's a pain in the ass, which is why I haven't finished it before. To really get it right and something that works, I have to think of every little thing and be detailed 

    Matt, if you and James

    Posted by bulf6285 on 10th of Mar 2023 at 11:55 am

    Matt, if you and James would do a weekend webinar on this topic, I'd pay to be a part that! Adding filters, etc is not something I have been able to do very well. Just a thought, not sure how the rest of the BPT community feels. 

    for fun here's a writeup

    Posted by matt on 10th of Mar 2023 at 01:15 pm

    for fun here's a writeup I gave James to try and start coding this: This one goes over the conditions for a short trigger, with filters, targets etc

    Less is more 

    Posted by watcdy on 9th of Mar 2023 at 09:55 pm

    Less is more 

    ChatGPT won't give you a

    Posted by DigiNomad on 8th of Mar 2023 at 04:00 pm

    ChatGPT won't give you a script to identify these setups in real time and send out email notifications? Only a matter of time now.     But thanks! I personally love these training aides....as long as we're still thinking for ourselves. 

    guys - you give too

    Posted by matt on 8th of Mar 2023 at 04:05 pm

    guys - you give too much credit to ChatGPT - at best it's a tool only - help me convert this code to this other code - and even then it makes tons of mistakes and the size is limited, all of our strategies are too large and it won't convert them . This stuff isn't replacing your brain with seeing setups and ideas anytime soon

    sorry guys - you still need us LOL

    I was totally joking. Ok,

    Posted by DigiNomad on 8th of Mar 2023 at 04:08 pm

    I was totally joking. Ok, MOSTLY joking     It will happen, but I agree we're not there yet....from the little I've played around with it (my Dad and brother both got the full subscription model)


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