Hi Matt, can you pls do a video on how to do use the STS/DVT system on all the etfs , stocks in dow, spx, etc.  I am not sure if you have decided if we are going into a bull market after pullback this yr or next, or are we still in a bear market.  So is this KISS system supposed to get us long on the stronger stocks in DOW, SPX stocks, via using the DVT?STS systems?  i am thinking if it will be helpful to try to get assigned on good optional leap trades using options with this system, and if assigned, writing covered calls to be called away at a higher price.  Any comments and feedback from you or Steve will be most helpful.

    BTW, can your customer support check to see if I was billed on the 6 month renewal cos i got an email saying I was billed, even though my current subscription is not over yet but coming close.  TIA

    please for things like that

    Posted by matt on 25th of Nov 2022 at 12:28 pm

    please for things like that send to support@breakpointtrades.com and Sara will get back to you, I try not to spend time on that kind of stuff, my focus needs to be on other things billing stuff. Also, some folks accidently add 2 memberships by mistake, please email support for stuff like that


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