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    Posted by matt on 2nd of May 2022 at 03:27 pm

    I've been dealing with TS issues all day. But anyone when the market was low one of the CCI systems was triggering long, actually a 2nd entry, that is now gone. I have two versions of this systems. Here's an image showing the statistics, the one we've been using on the website is the one on the right - that one never triggered. The one that triggered on Friday a 1st entry is on the left - that one was triggering a 2nd entry but that's lost with the move off the lows. My plan here was to issue a trade entry on the left one for that 2nd entry because the statistics of that system are still very good with a profit factor of almost 80.  Anyway, I'm not sure what do here - could one enter based on the one that went long on Friday? yes but price is off the lows now. I'll make a decision before the close

    Matt could you include the

    Posted by mundy on 2nd of May 2022 at 11:56 pm

    Matt could you include the draw downs on this system

    all those very oversold type

    Posted by matt on 3rd of May 2022 at 08:09 am

    all those very oversold type systems can have periods of high draw down simply because of the volatility when they trigger - but most of that was in 2008 time frame - things like bear long, bear exhaust, RSI oversold, Bull exhaust -a lot of those are triggered during washout capitulations where 3 -5% index moves in a day are the norm - anyone on that CCI system the typical draw down was 1 - 3%. In 2008 there was a trade that had 15% drawdown, mind you that was Oct 2008 the worst month of that year - the trade closed out up 5% even after that draw down, all the other trades the draw down was several % or less on avearge

    what we could do on

    Posted by matt on 2nd of May 2022 at 03:39 pm

    what we could do on the other CCI system is only take the SPY as ETF instead of the options. tough here, I sensed we had a pretty good intra day trade low an hr ago but the systems are end of day - lot happens intra day these days 


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