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i should have read through all the postings. I do see that RMoore100, Simplemillion and Steve have also posted on NQ.

I am no good at

Posted by mundy on 26th of May 2023 at 05:42 pm

I am no good at uploading files but I have plotted the fibs on the NQ Futures weekly chart in Tradingview. Presently we are slap bang on the 61.8% Fib line of 14367. With such a strong move up it is even possible that we could see the 78.6% Fib at 15423 reached before the wheels come off.

Hi Matt, what a wonderful talent you have! As you know I am mostly interested in the E-minis and E- Macros. Do you run your bots on Tradestation? Are you on the cloud or do you only get signals and act on those? What is your system that the  daily bots are trading  on MES and MNQ.

Junkie, DigiNomad. You guys are sharing some very good option trades but I must warn the newby's that unless they have been trading options for some time and have good experience doing so that these are high risk option trades. However I have posted the trade on my TOS paper trading account and will follow the trade as you guys post. Good Luck Junkie.   

Thank you for this posting Matt. So now I am sure you have already looked at a number of indicators/moving averages to add to the basic concept with the view of cutting out the more bearish trades (no trades if below 50ema?, etc.etc). I am quite excited about this one. You should be able to get that profit factor up quite a bit and trading futures with the system could give good returns!

Hi Mugsy, I trade on Tradestation and use the MESM23 etc tickers. using the MGC and MBT tickers is where I am struggling. I have seen some sites such as COMEX  showing monthly GC's but when I try to open hte chart in Tradestation very few of those populate. Presnetly I have MGCM23 (June)which is working well. I do believe it expires at the end of May. So I have been using a bit of hit and miss with the GC and MBT contracts. Would like a schedule which shows the best contract names to use.

About time this puppy started moving again. I have a number of long option trades I have been carrying through the pullback.

Need some help on the

Posted by mundy on 10th of May 2023 at 05:32 pm

Need some help on the futures contract names for GC and MBT. Also when to roll over. Quite happy with ES, NQ, YM and RTY contracts I have been trading for years now but get caught by gold and bitcoin.

I have used Tradestation since 2014 and have found them to be acceptable. A bit clunky at times as Matt would say but I do not trade too many contracts anymore and find fills on buy and sell to be quite good.

Diginomad, thanks for the thorough response. Steve especially reminds us repeatedly that we should have a trading plan. With your response it is obvious that you do. Kudos to you.

You do have some big  risk appetite Digi. I take my hat off to you. Ten years ago I tried trading Iron Condors but found that a helluva more difficult than trading the E-minis and macros. Good luck and good hunting!

Thanks CrossHarry.

Matt recently posted a few

Posted by mundy on 5th of Apr 2023 at 12:24 am

Matt recently posted a few posts using chatgbt to design code for some indicators. I have  searched for it but it does not populate. Could someone give me an idea when it was so that I can find it. Thanks in advance.

Thanks Steve, I was busy with my trading plan and looking at a number of scenarios.

10 years ago I studied

Posted by mundy on 4th of Apr 2023 at 04:57 pm

10 years ago I studied a very good EW course with Juan Sarmiento who is a wiz on TOS and on EW. I do recall that the wave 5 could never be larger than wave 3. Is that your opinion too Steve?

Thanks for this important piece of information Steve.

Great to see a succesful options trade Diginomad. I have been tracking the trade which shows $190 out of max $480 profit so far. Did you sell any more puts or put spreads? Are you going to hold until expiry?

Thanks DigiNomad. I have plotted the trade on my TOS platform and will watch it develop.!

Great option trade DigiNomad. Could you post an analysis(risk/reward) chart.  

Thanks MLA. I have quite a few long term positions on URA, CCJ, UEC and UUUU. Taking quite a bit of a draw-down but also optimistic.


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