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Hi Steve,

Thank you for this write-up. Even after trading for many years, this remains great advice for all not only the newbies out there.   

Hi EdZ. I also trade on Tradestation. Where did you get the info on the ZEN system. Please e-mail me at

Matt, do you have scan for this we could use?

YES that you did Matt,

URA super follow through again

Posted by mundy on 3rd of Sep 2021 at 11:13 pm

YES that you did Matt, I have taken quite a bit of profit off the table now, will look for an opportunity in the next few weeks for a re-entry. THANKS for the good chart review!   

BTCM, this one keeps on

BTCM hell of a move

Posted by mundy on 2nd of Sep 2021 at 03:59 pm

BTCM, this one keeps on giving. Thanks Steve.

i have been keeping track

Posted by mundy on 26th of Aug 2021 at 03:49 pm

i have been keeping track of the Slow Stoch 60 readings on the Cycle Charts posted during the newsletter every day. Yesterday ALL four Slow Stoch readings were above 97 and we had a good pullback. Going back to the newsletter on Sunday 15th August all four the numbers were above 98%. 

For my trading plan I can add a SELL when all four the Slow Stoch 60 readings are above 95. Just another piece in a good trading plan falls into place. 

Great chart Matt. I have set a few entries and exits based on this chart. Thanks

Hi Steve, Thanks for these stocks.

Trade Short Setups

Posted by mundy on 8th of Aug 2021 at 05:20 pm

Hi Steve,

Thanks for these stocks. I am always wary when an earnings is due on a stock.  Tradingview shows earnings on the 11th of august for BLNK..

JKS  copy of chart. I

Posted by mundy on 3rd of Aug 2021 at 08:47 pm

JKS  copy of chart. I hung onto this one and it slowly coming good. Apologies for the snip off Tradingview. Not sure how to get that copied any other way

I have also been watching

URA - one for a watchlist again.

Posted by mundy on 28th of Jul 2021 at 11:38 pm

I have also been watching the three Uranium musketeers. Last week I asked Matt for a review which he did give. Entered all of them early this week and have some nice gains on board. Thanks Matt.

Thanks for this one Matt.

TICK pivots

Posted by mundy on 23rd of Jul 2021 at 04:08 pm

Thanks for this one Matt. Useful information. I have been using the ticks for stops and or entries. Is there any point in looking at ticks on a daily chart?

Steve I do believe CHKP reports earnings on Monday 26th July. Not a good time to trade the stock or options.

Yes I will nibble on

McClellan on SPX

Posted by mundy on 16th of Jul 2021 at 03:43 pm

Yes I will nibble on this one. I doubt any of the SPY trades will trigger today?

Tick pivots are great. Set

TICK pivots

Posted by mundy on 15th of Jul 2021 at 06:52 pm

Tick pivots are great. Set my stop 5 points off the 4340 point last night. Got to my desk @ 07h00 NZ time (US 3pm) with a lovely gain on my MESU21 trade.

Banks start off the earnings

Posted by mundy on 11th of Jul 2021 at 05:44 pm

Banks start off the earnings season this week! As Matt says markets tend to be bullish moving into earnings.!

Jackbnimble I do not see much interest in your post other than my comments. Please contact me at to discuss in more detail. Thanks

Hi Jackbenimble.  Another observation. I have never been able to trade using anything close to 10% of my trading account on any signal. Would be interested to hear whether any  other traders have loaded up with options to that degree based on the BPT SPY signal.

Hi Jackbenimble. Thank you for the interesting graph with the various allocation of funds percentage. This year 2021 has been particularly successful and has been relatively stress free trading with only three 2nd entries.  I have been trading the SPY system since 2015 with firstly the E-mini futures and over the past two year the Macro minis(one tenth of the E-minis). Draw-downs were at times extremely stressful. Matt re-engineered the Trend system to reduce the draw-downs of especially the first signal. I have also been trading the options during the past 5 years and have experimented with various option possibilities such as buying calls, even selling puts on 3rd signals because of the high IV values after a 5-10% correction. During this period I have settled on calls for the first signals with strikes close to ATM. On the 2nd signal I have been trading call spreads but with twice the $ value and on the 3rd signals I have a)sold puts with large premiums, b) bought call spreads and c) bought relatively cheap call options hoping the move back up will bring the option strike closer to the actual stock price after some time.  The third signals were again compounded to 3* the value of the first signal. Unfortunately I have not kept an accurate log of all the "experiments". Question to all of you. Has anyone else experimented with various option approaches which could be of use to us all?

Hi Matt,

What are the statistics like for this daily system over 10 years. Is it worth including in the SPY system you text/e-mail us on? Thank you.


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