SPX daily and 50 day MA

    Posted by matt on 1st of Mar 2021 at 12:46 pm

    Here's that daily channel chart, as you know price tested the uptrend line of the channel on Friday and held it. Also price had spiked slightly through the 50 day MA, only 0.5%. On the previous test it was very similar at 0.59%.

    The second image shows the daily SPX KISS, the system drew a new DVT there (see magenta color).  The 2hr had went long on the open. Funny how the cycle buy on the daily and 195 min worked out. On the 2hr time frame the the 60 Stochastic is now testing the underside of 50%

    that said as you know on Friday the DVT at 3795 was hit but only by 6 points and was for only about 5 or 10 min that morning.  If you exited at the DVT that's fine. If you didn't as I commented on the weekend Friday's lows would be a good DVT now.

    that said - I've talked about a few filters one could possibly use: That statistic I show on the first image where the SPX basically undercut the 50 day MA by only 0.5% then closed back above it, just like last time. One rule going forward could be if the DVT happens to be right near the 50 day MA, can give some slight wiggle room just below the 50 day. Like I said before this isn't exact science, but the general rule is one that kind of makes logical sense 

    otherwise big rally today, typical if this market. we'll see now if that was it and we go back to highs or a lower high still gets established

    Matt Is there a set

    Posted by jonesy85 on 2nd of Mar 2021 at 07:26 am

    Matt Is there a set of rules we can develop for consistency around the kiss?  Maybe it gets even better if we use some of these other indicators you mentioned to accompany. Thanks for keeping us updated!

    IWM daily  BPT MA is

    Posted by matt on 1st of Mar 2021 at 12:56 pm

    IWM daily  BPT MA is green again, we'll see if it closes like that


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