Thanks Matt. I am making my first entry today at the bell using the Aug 260 calls. any reason why i shouldnt take that trade here?

    weekend unknown etc.  Otherwise if

    Posted by matt on 31st of May 2019 at 03:44 pm

    weekend unknown etc.  Otherwise if you are not in any other entries you have a pretty good price by avoiding those.  The Mexican tariff stuff came out of left field and is concerning for the market.  on SPx daily 2740 and 2730, and 2720 are your next areas of support.  If 2720 area lost though that opens up door for 2660 as there's a bit air pocket below that to the next daily pivot.  the H&S on the Dow still measures quite a bit lower.  We might also need to see a spike up on the VIX.  Anyway up to you man but clearly if you have no prior entry you are beating the system with an entry today.  Again your decision. 

    Trend long system is flat, I'll let everyone know when that goes back long as it will have a stop.  


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