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Most countries already requiring this as well. Some airlines offering free rapid covid tests before flights as well. 

Matt, can you run a

Posted by jdaswani on 16th of Oct 2020 at 02:47 pm

Matt, can you run a KISS chart on $VIX and VXX. Been weak, but feels like its building energy for a sharp thrust up. 

SPY Short - I did

Posted by jdaswani on 16th of Oct 2020 at 02:17 pm

SPY Short - I did not participate last night, but I bought the Dec 257 Put just now for $17.40 - Is the system going to stay short over the weekend?

what is a cycle sell

SPX 60 Updated View

Posted by jdaswani on 5th of Oct 2020 at 02:13 pm

what is a cycle sell signal

Naked or covering a long position

Yes, Good EPS and they plan to spin off VMW which they own 80% of the company

SPY System still long?

SPX comments

Posted by jdaswani on 10th of Sep 2020 at 04:03 pm

SPY System still long?

This is an awesome chart - how do you find symbols for individual stocks volatility 

I know some of you

Posted by jdaswani on 28th of Jul 2020 at 02:40 pm

I know some of you play ROKU - Off Briefing 


Roku: Rising tensions with content publishers highlight potential risks for long term earnings power -- Morgan Stanley  (152.40 -3.57)

Analyst Benjamin Swinburne said, "We continue to believe Roku's valuation embeds a level of earnings that will be difficult to achieve unless it reaches a substantially greater level of scale and market share. At a $20bn EV and ~25x our '21E gross profits, we believe the market is already pricing in global success and largely ignoring rising risks. The key debate for Roku shares at these levels is not, in our view, whether the consumer and advertisers are shifting to streaming - they are. Rather, it is Roku's ability to monetize this shift as a platform connecting consumers (audience) with content (publishers). This ability hinges primarily on its ability to drive scale, which it can translate into leverage. The larger its user base and market share of connected TV consumption, the greater leverage ithas over publishers in extracting an economic rent. Similarly, the greater share of streaming advertising inventory it can sell, the more effectively it can monetize."

looks broken

VIX thoughts???

Posted by jdaswani on 20th of Jul 2020 at 01:26 pm

looks broken

Aug options still pricing negative. Go figure

can u pls send me a copy as well

They used the wrong chart, it should not be a log chart but a linear chart. Top/bottom if the cup is $39pts, which implies target closer to $81. Still a big move, but a far cry from $500

Thats what I am eyeing as well on ROKU

Shorted TSLA at $1004 -

Posted by jdaswani on 10th of Jun 2020 at 11:11 am

Shorted TSLA at $1004 - keeping a 1% stop - Figure round number trade/fail

Matt, Adjusted your 15min -

Posted by jdaswani on 10th of Jun 2020 at 11:08 am

Matt, Adjusted your 15min - What do you think..It stopped with perfect symmetry 

I have an open order to short a small amount at 1000 

One of my favorite patterns

Posted by jdaswani on 28th of May 2020 at 04:09 pm

One of my favorite patterns popped up today..After 2 days IWM closing above the upper BB, we closed back inside. Similar with the SPY, historically they have been pretty good guides to short market for a reversion trade. Minimum target is usually the middle BB

Mortan, do u recommend Motley Fool? are they as good as the ads state?


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