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Matt, the NASDAQ Composite can

Posted by mstaples37 on 11th of Nov 2021 at 01:46 am

Matt, the NASDAQ Composite can be traded for at least some purposes using ONEQ.  Decent spreads.  Low volume, though, so whales have to be a little wary.  It doesn't get talked about much and doesn't get much action, but it tracks the NASDAQ composite pretty well.

Liking the Youtube format.  I also like the new player, with the ability to skip to specific charts, and the actual chart links, but the Youtube versions are great as well when offered since I can put it on 1.5x and cruise through.  Neither of you guys speaks slowly or anything; I'm just used to it from listening to podcasts at 2x most of the time, and always am short on time.  Thanks for the great work.

Thanks, Matt -- appreciate it.  Looking forward to seeing those things you've been working on!

Thanks, Matt -- appreciate it.  Seems some hopes have been dashed (so far) relative to expectations earlier this year regarding legalization.

Matt, curious whether you guys

Posted by mstaples37 on 27th of Sep 2021 at 08:21 pm

Matt, curious whether you guys have a view on pot stocks ... here's a quick amateur-hour chart from me of an ETF, POTX.  

Thanks for tracking the systems

Posted by mstaples37 on 23rd of Sep 2021 at 04:02 pm

Thanks for tracking the systems and providing the updates, Matt.  Hope folks have done well the past couple days more generally.

Thanks, Matt.  Hope you feel

quick comments

Posted by mstaples37 on 31st of Aug 2021 at 01:55 pm

Thanks, Matt.  Hope you feel better and that it's nothing serious.

Thanks, Steve.


Posted by mstaples37 on 31st of Aug 2021 at 01:54 pm

Thanks, Steve.

Re AAZZF / AAZZD, I, also just have it shown as 002209104 with Schwab (still, as of today).  

Matt, thanks again.  I appreciate all that info and guidance.  I'm asking a different, simple question.   I'm just asking what it means for a DVT to be "hit."   E.g., is a daily DVT hit if the DVT value is hit intraday or does it require a close under it?  I'm not saying I'm going to religiously get out the second the price is touched -- that's what I was attempting to explain when I first posed the question -- but you need some kind of objective criterion to determine whether the DVT has been hit in order to, e.g., measure consecutive DVTs being generated without being hit.  That's what I'm asking about:  what, for that purpose, it means for a DVT to be "hit."

Matt, thanks -- apologies for not being clear.  I appreciate the art of all this and the need for people to have an approach that makes sense for them.  I was just curious what you use for purposes of tracking these DVTs and what you mean when you talk about them being hit.  I.e., for that purpose, or any others you see fit to share, what does it mean for a DVT to be "hit?"  Is it intraday (or intraperiod, in the case of the 2-day) or something else?   That's all I'm asking about in this case.

I completely get that in terms of actually making this actionable, it's on the trader, and I didn't mean to make you type out all that again.  I've been tracking your explanations of various approaches and appreciate the time you've taken to do so to help us out.

Matt, thanks for the new

Posted by mstaples37 on 6th of Aug 2021 at 05:28 pm

Matt, thanks for the new DVT table.  Always appreciate all the means around here to track things consistently and in a clear way.  Can you clarify what it means for a DVT to be hit?  Does that require a daily close below it or just for price to touch it intraday?  I know that in practice, you've encouraged sometimes using a little judgment and discretion in terms of using the DVT to exit (e.g., if the 50-day SMA was right below it, etc.), but I'm curious what it means in this context.

No restrictions on AAZZF here (Schwab).

Thanks for the innovation and hard work, Matt.  Those should be very useful.   I know there are scope creep concerns, and this usually has high correlation with the S&P 500 (I believe), but DM ex-U.S. (e.g., VEA or SPDW) /or its two main constituents, Europe (e.g., FEZ) and Japan (e.g., EWJ) would be interesting, at least to me.   That, along with EEM, would cover most of the world.  I remember that rundown you did of all the country / regional ETFs and it was interesting.

FYI re the discussion of

Posted by mstaples37 on 23rd of Jun 2021 at 03:27 pm

FYI re the discussion of China stocks.  Here is Wisdomtree's emerging market ETF that excludes SOEs.  Heavy weightings in large Chinese tech names.  At bottom of large channel going back to pandemic low and at a decent support level.

Many thanks for everything on

Posted by mstaples37 on 22nd of Jun 2021 at 03:56 pm

Many thanks for everything on the systems.  Much-appreciated.

What else is in your

McClellan Oscilators played out

Posted by mstaples37 on 22nd of Jun 2021 at 01:11 am

What else is in your "no fail chart" toolkit?

Awesome, thanks.  Appreciate all you guys do around here.

Great stuff, Matt.  Thanks for

Posted by mstaples37 on 17th of Jun 2021 at 02:00 pm

Great stuff, Matt.  Thanks for all the great guidance.  BTW, this seems as good of a place as any to ask ... Steve regularly tells us to have a plan, which I wholeheartedly agree with.  Especially in light of the frequency and significance of that directive, it would be incredibly helpful to have a guide or a video focused on trading plans.  I appreciate that they can vary widely, depending on style, and we have people doing everything from scalping to just trading their 401(k)s here, with everything in between.  Putting some meat on what that means, though, in terms of granular guidance, key elements, what degree of granularity should be in the plan, and, especially, at least one sample plan (not to be blindly followed, but to illustrate what works for someone, etc.), would be a tremendous help to many, I'm sure.  Definitely me.  (I know there are a ton of books out there on establishing plans, but I've found many of those reflect that particular author's style, and I'm curious what works for you guys and what you recommend.)

Late to the party but

Posted by mstaples37 on 16th of Jun 2021 at 12:06 pm

Late to the party but I want to echo those compliments re the interesting and educational content in last night's newsletter, Steve. Thanks much.


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