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Is there a 2nd entry

Posted by bk1976 on 30th of May 2024 at 03:33 pm

Is there a 2nd entry to SPY trades?

NDX at 50 day moving

Posted by bk1976 on 10th of Apr 2024 at 12:26 pm

NDX at 50 day moving average.  

Steve showed the gap from FEB 22.  If the 50 is lost there is the gap below and H&S measured move that is below the gap along with a break is symmetry.  Point being if support is lost there are numerous targets below.

Thoughts and prayer Matt.  Take

Posted by bk1976 on 22nd of Mar 2024 at 09:53 am

Thoughts and prayer Matt.  Take sometime for yourself and your family.  Everyone grieves differently, take what you need.  It is a day you won't forget.  RIP.

This was an IBD50 stock

FAMI crazy

Posted by bk1976 on 13th of Feb 2024 at 04:01 pm

This was an IBD50 stock back in 2018 with at least one reverse split. Stops are your friend.

Systems are playing out.  Earlier

Posted by bk1976 on 10th of Feb 2023 at 11:08 am

Systems are playing out.  Earlier this week I remember some posts about how the current system trade was bad and that the system trades where ignored in the newsletter.  The Stats list the draw downs and the length of the trades.  It was painful and now the reward if you followed the system and it is still open so it could still close in the red.  Point is Matt has put a ton of time and effort and has modified the systems when needed.  They work more often than not.  Each one is different for a reason and they work more often than not.  So when there is a draw down remember that not all draw down will mean a close with a losss.  Matt and Steve do a great job and take a lot of unneccessary HEAT in the draw downs only to have things turn around a lot but not all the time.  Markets never move in a straight line.

Open DVDS trade? Is it

Posted by bk1976 on 3rd of Feb 2023 at 03:59 pm

Open DVDS trade? Is it closing?

I get the frustration, welcome to trading.  I have doubted and seconded guessed the system trades for longer than I am willing to admit and exited early at a loss, because of fear.  Last quarter I have moved from frustration and fear to just trusting the SPY/ES trades.  Yes you will take a loss or losses  and maybe on your first trade or two.  Learn from me who has been around for 5+ years?  Take the trades as they are posted and the stats say you will do well. Someone posted a 70% gain last year.  The ES system made over 4200 points last year, at $5/1 point that is $21000 for trading just 1 contract.  Sadly I was in fear and not smart enough to just follow the system better and for worse.  Hang in there and stay the course.  I am with you this current loss is no fun but I know that long term I will be ahead.  Very few systems all 22 has this kind of track record.  I think we are so use to winning trades that a loss seems like we have been robbed.  These stats are VERY good and I am very thankful to Matt and Steve for all they do.

DVDS stats

Posted by bk1976 on 31st of Jan 2023 at 05:03 pm

I am staying the course and waiting for the signal. Stats 26 wins 0 losses, max draw down $634.  I have learned my lesson, just trust the system, even if it is a loss, first for everything.  They systems have proven themselves and I need to just check my emotions at the door and enjoy the ride whatever it is.  Long term Matt has made us a lot of money.  Thank you Matt.

sorry, thanks for the correction

150% of the 1st entry capital

If 1st entry 10K then 2nd and 3rd 15K each

2 to 4 systems at play max

Matt has said that normally 2 to 3 maybe 4 systems are in a trade at one time.  Yes to taking every trade and I finally have started to do that and have been rewarded. Thanks Matt!  There use to be a tool to explore differeent position sizes.  What I found to be the best for me was always take the 1st entry and the 2nd and 3rd I used the 2X and 3X per the system but I used 150% capital of the 1st entry.  I tried no first entry and varied capital for the 2nd and 3rd and this worked best.

Matt, is it looking like

Posted by bk1976 on 7th of Dec 2022 at 02:11 pm

Matt, is it looking like the SPY short will close today?

SPY PRO signals

I trade the ES in a JT acct,  SPY and leveraged per the system in a 401K and IRA.  I has missed too much by not trading them in the past. I follow the systems and limit the amount traded.

Totally agree  take them all.      I have used the tool Matt had awhile back and played around with taking only 1 or 2nd or 3rd entries and different dollar amount.  Many times the 1st entry was the only entry.  I found taking the 2nd and 3rd entry at 150% $ amount of the 1st entry gave the best results.  I tried equal amounts and varied amounts.  Granted the 2nd and 3rd use leveraged ETFs already.

SPY PRO TRADES  sometimes  are

Posted by bk1976 on 25th of Oct 2022 at 04:07 pm

SPY PRO TRADES  sometimes  are hard to take.  Bottom line they work very well over all and sometimes they do have a drawdown but over all they do GREAT!  I have learned my lesson awhile back and now just take them and take the ride.  At the close the stats speak for themselves and the trades do VERY well.  Thanks MATT!

Steve   I would like

Posted by bk1976 on 19th of Oct 2022 at 10:07 pm

Steve   I would like to learn more about Elliott Waves and saw that Stock Charts sells this book " Elliott Wave Principle"
Robert Prechter  would you recommend this book or is there another that you feel is better.

me too,  Steve rocks

I don't think you can change font size other than the notes you add in a text box

There has been no price increase for the 5 years  I have been at BPT.  Seems to me an increase is over due. Normally you get what you pay for and in this case we all have been under paying for the great technical analysis everyday and timely intra day charts and the system trades we get.   It is time we stop being cheap. I would love to see the system trades on a basket of ETFs and that should not be a freebie for all the work Matt and Steve and others do for us here at BPT.

 Matt,   second entry??

Posted by bk1976 on 5th of Oct 2022 at 03:58 pm

 Matt,   second entry??


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