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SPY PRO signals

I trade the ES in a JT acct,  SPY and leveraged per the system in a 401K and IRA.  I has missed too much by not trading them in the past. I follow the systems and limit the amount traded.

Totally agree  take them all.      I have used the tool Matt had awhile back and played around with taking only 1 or 2nd or 3rd entries and different dollar amount.  Many times the 1st entry was the only entry.  I found taking the 2nd and 3rd entry at 150% $ amount of the 1st entry gave the best results.  I tried equal amounts and varied amounts.  Granted the 2nd and 3rd use leveraged ETFs already.

SPY PRO TRADES  sometimes  are

Posted by bk1976 on 25th of Oct 2022 at 04:07 pm

SPY PRO TRADES  sometimes  are hard to take.  Bottom line they work very well over all and sometimes they do have a drawdown but over all they do GREAT!  I have learned my lesson awhile back and now just take them and take the ride.  At the close the stats speak for themselves and the trades do VERY well.  Thanks MATT!

Steve   I would like

Posted by bk1976 on 19th of Oct 2022 at 10:07 pm

Steve   I would like to learn more about Elliott Waves and saw that Stock Charts sells this book " Elliott Wave Principle"
Robert Prechter  would you recommend this book or is there another that you feel is better.

me too,  Steve rocks

I don't think you can change font size other than the notes you add in a text box

There has been no price increase for the 5 years  I have been at BPT.  Seems to me an increase is over due. Normally you get what you pay for and in this case we all have been under paying for the great technical analysis everyday and timely intra day charts and the system trades we get.   It is time we stop being cheap. I would love to see the system trades on a basket of ETFs and that should not be a freebie for all the work Matt and Steve and others do for us here at BPT.

 Matt,   second entry??

Posted by bk1976 on 5th of Oct 2022 at 03:58 pm

 Matt,   second entry??

see the yellow stick note above QE Short ES trade

NDX gap below

Posted by bk1976 on 30th of Aug 2022 at 10:48 am

NDX gap below

chart current at 2:15

WOW I can' t imagine my $80/mo gas bill going to $700/mo! If energy has gone up this much obviously consumer goods have to cost a lot more as well.  Our grocery bill has certainly gone up a lot.  Thankfully a recession has been redefined so we can feel better about not being able to pay our gas bill. haha   It is time for people to wake up an see the reality of the world we live in.   This can't be good for the markets.

maybe now for an impulse down

Well said, money without relationships is ... well sad, money is nice but relationships alhtough difficullt at times is what counts in the end.  Recharge and have a great vacaton.

VVIX uncorrelated    seems to

Posted by bk1976 on 12th of Aug 2022 at 02:53 pm

VVIX uncorrelated    seems to be a few days early but a warning?

VIX buy/sell signal        Steve gave a very good explanation in the Aug 3 newsletter if you use the new player version go to chart 25.  SH, SDS SPXS or SPXU  1X, 2X, 3X inverse SPY ETF's

Matt and  Steve, thank you for all the work on the SPY system please keep it the way it is.  I hope you add other ETFs as you have been working on that as well.  You both have helped me a lot in trading and your education piece is extremely helpful.  Keep up the good work. Matt, take sometime for you and your family, I thought you were on vacation. Some down time will help with family life and make your time at BPT even better. R&R for both of you is well deserved.

VIX :15 uncorrelated

Posted by bk1976 on 3rd of Aug 2022 at 03:18 pm

VIX :15 uncorrelated

Matt is there a SPY

Posted by bk1976 on 7th of Jul 2022 at 04:14 pm

Matt is there a SPY short trade?

MES is the micro E-mini SPX futures


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