Short seller lawsuits? I wonder

    Posted by DigiNomad on 23rd of Mar 2023 at 04:51 pm

    Short seller lawsuits? I wonder how many short sellers have sued to the Feds over the years because of damages incurred when they made decisions based on fundamentals only to have the Fed come in with printing press bazookas blazing and make fools of them...sometimes outside the bounds of the constitution and/or regulations.  (remember when JP admitted to crossing a bright red line when he bought HYG directly and put it on the Feds balance sheet?)

    I worked in Fed Gov acquisitions for over a decade - we got sued daily. But it's not something the public typically hears about, with some exceptions, like the Boeing Tanker contract, etc. Gov attorneys are VERY risk averse. It's not their money so they settle 99 times out of 100 rather than risk an adverse outcome in litigation, which is likely considering the talent mismatch. Of course, the settlements typically include NDAs (only Donald Trump is not allowed to use NDA's, apparently). 

    *I made up the 99 out of 100 number, but I know from experience that if a case has merit and standing, whether it's a strong case or not, the Gov leans heavily towards settlement. 


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