curranjohnwelcome! As Steve mentioned we

    GOEV Updated View

    Posted by matt on 24th of Nov 2021 at 01:00 pm

    curranjohnwelcome! As Steve mentioned we all have to find our style, etc, that said for GOEV, it was setup as a bull flag with good volume patterns. A day trader could have caught a nice quick trade through that downtrend line this morning and have been out. The trendline on the daily chart was broken probably within 20 min of the open.  A hybrid swing trader (one who does some day and swing trading) might have bought that initial trendline break, then sold 1/2 of his position after the morning move, while still keeping the other 1/2 shares with a stop in case it continues higher. The chart looks good but is a bit separated from its 9 EMA

    also I have a question for you outside of this - I sent you an email - check your email, thx

    Thanks for the info and

    Posted by curranjohn on 24th of Nov 2021 at 01:13 pm

    Thanks for the info and welcome Matt. I don't see an email from you. I checked junk folder. I also do not get the newsletter emails yet. My profile has the correct email address. 


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