$SPX Here is a post

    Posted by fundamentalvalues on 11th of Jun 2021 at 06:41 am

    $SPX Here is a post from my trading journal as I prepare for my day/coming week(s). Thanks to Matt/Steve, all of the great posters here for their contributions, I appreciate you:

    ..time to consider where we are in the longer term view. March was an incredible dip buy and I had used seasonality to as a probability for that. The risk/reward was certainly much better for a swing for some months at that point. The market has been mechanical most of the year. June has a period now, it appears based on the last 20 years that experiences a few bad weeks it looks like around mid June until the end of June. So I've been preparing for that now as we rally here. 4,250 is resistance and another level measured at 4,270 if we would get there short term. 

    We are also in the 60s on the long term RSI, so starting to get a bit hot in the short term. I'm not calling for a crash, though corrections are usually met with frustration as price action has taught the mind otherwise. If you are buying when the risk/reward is in your favor, it makes it harder to have that happen to you. Buying up here is much higher risk relatively. Pros are doing the opposite, including this one.


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