ARKK, SHOP, SPOT  I posted

    Posted by fundamentalvalues on 11th of Jun 2021 at 06:22 am

    ARKK, SHOP, SPOT  I posted the top 10 of the fund prior when I was making a March dip purchase and I bought a little more when it went a bit below the 100 area. From the newsletter, Shopify and Spotify are both in the top 10. One thing I noticed is that a lot of the stocks had similar looks when the market went out of these, now the money has rotated back in..

    ROKU also reclaimed its 50 day yesterday, also top 10, chart attached. I like the setups Steve gave as the chart patterns are attractive for trades. Lastly EXAS above the 50 as well now also inside the fund. 

    These are some of the leading growth companies in the world. Short term rotations don't mean a lot for the longer term value. I think the fund has a double to triple in it in a 5 year period. It is a little above 2% of our household assets, so given that I'm not concerned about checking it frequently. Part of my strategy is to take some of my trading gains and use it to fund this. This creates what I call, "a paid for position". I accumulate ARKK during downturns, nice dips. This is part of that strategy, I just like owning it rather than trading in these as I have others names that I trade more regularly in. Sharing here and hoping that some of this helps or something can be taken away that enables someone to consider their own personal strategy/plan. All the best in whatever your strategies and plans are. Thanks for the posts here, I do read them just don't always comment. Have a great weekend


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