Increasing bullishness around platinum.  A site I follow has posted a bit on it recently.  I'm long a couple of these here.  This was my summary, fwiw, that I posted elsewhere over the weekend.  

    Been researching precious and industrial metals for a couple of weeks, mostly relating to battery production. My $0.02 on platinum - agree that it's looking very good long term. As far as entry, looking at  daily charts of the ones on my watchlist, most look in need of a near-term rest for good objective entry:
    PLG; +24% on Friday; looks overbought
    PLTM:  hanging man candle on Friday
    PPLT:  doji on Friday
    PGM:  big red candle
    SBSW:  less frothy than the others; bounced off resistance and maybe heading down to 9EMA
    SPPP:  maybe the best of the bunch for near-term entry; found support at middle BB, now at resistance.
    VALE:  parabolic

    Then again, with this market, parabolic and +24% don't necessarily rule out good entries.

    Thanks for sharing

    Posted by steve on 10th of Dec 2020 at 09:59 am

    Thanks for sharing


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