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TSLA really looks like she

Posted by mirhamedali on 7th of Dec 2023 at 10:10 pm

TSLA really looks like she wants to take off!

STS Performance Numbers? Do we have

Posted by mirhamedali on 4th of Jun 2023 at 04:49 pm

STS Performance Numbers?

Do we have any backtesting pubihsed on the STS indicators for the indexes or the top ten?

If you have an output for the list of signals then I could use that to put together some performance numbers myself. 

QQQ looks like it really

Posted by mirhamedali on 18th of Jan 2023 at 10:08 am

QQQ looks like it really wants to close that gap. 

RSI diverging on both 1hr

Posted by mirhamedali on 11th of Jan 2023 at 01:15 pm

RSI diverging on both 1hr and 15m charts
$VIX diverging badly
Wave 5 completing
Hitting resistance at the bottom of the gap ... I think it ma try to fill the gap and fail or completethe gap fill - either way I think a good short setup is coming

I cant imagine people wont take profits on this huge run up the night before CPI

Closed right at a supply zone.  Picked up some lotto overnight put calls (1/11 390P @ 1.21).

I am expecting we will begin a drop down into the a C wave to complete a larger wave 2 down

QQQ looks like its setting

Posted by mirhamedali on 10th of Jan 2023 at 02:10 pm

QQQ looks like its setting a large H&S 

good point timebandit

Matt/Steve, your prognostication has been spectacular all year!  Really simple to understand parameters.  What do you think about this QQQ sceario where we initailly move up to close the gap (that would be a 68% retrace of the mid August move down).  I have that as a wave three of this A-B-C move up.

Followed by a move even higher to the mid august highs (that would be a 50% retrace of the entire year's move down), to complete five waves up within the larger wave C.

To me a move of this time and size looks appropriate before we have a larger move downwards.  On my weekly chart I have all of this drawn up as a wave B up of a larger A-B-C move still to complete.

Initially they can start with Android which is open source.

Elon has software that essentially auto-pilot manned rockets to the space station and AI for sel driving cars.  A smart phone cant be that difficult for him

Also keep in mind that Apple has a 50% profit margin on iphones.  Imagine Elon launches something that undercuts that price point significantly?  What deos that do to Apple?

Its technically not hard at all since all the major cell phone "makers" dont actually make anything.  As a matter of fact they dont even assemble the phones.  Thord party companies such as Foxconn assemble them.  Every single major piece of the phone can be purcahed easily from third parties.  From the RAM, processor, screen, camera, etc ...

Sorry, Not a great idea. Futures charts have totally different Elliott wave counts very often.  It would be a mess.  Many futures traders consider “cash charts to be king”..... no offense intended. 

Yes, good news is bad news. Bad news is good news..... For the Fed :-) 

Wow scary accurate!! Thanks Matt. 

Some  short ideas about to

Posted by mirhamedali on 21st of Oct 2022 at 10:48 am

Some  short ideas about to breakdown now: RDFN, PATH, ROKU, TDOC, NKLA, TXG

All over 1 M shares, and over $10.  
They all had relative weakness over the summer move up, and they have broken the summer lows a while ago and then failed on a backtest of those lows so they are trending down quite strongly.  Also these stocks are all about 75% off of their highs (pure growth bubble stocks) 

Wave 4s are so tough to trade. 

We could be just forming the A here of a larger ABC.

VIX lagging - didnt make

Posted by mirhamedali on 3rd of Oct 2022 at 04:26 pm

VIX lagging - didnt make lower low 

Renko - 2 bars up And

Posted by mirhamedali on 3rd of Oct 2022 at 04:17 pm

Renko - 2 bars up

And MACD turning up 

Many of these indicators are really looking poor. It's really supporting the thesis that the secular bull market is done as we know it and we may now be in for a ten + year bear market (similar to Japan). 

The indexes are down by 30% but we still have no official recession, no job contraction (we are still considered at full employment all the way up to 5% unemployment), no consumer sentiment contraction and no corporate earning contraction.  

Unfortunately it looks like the dark days are not even here yet. What will the markets look like at that point? 


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