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Is there an earnings calendar

Posted by jtsurfah on 21st of Oct 2021 at 01:23 pm

Is there an earnings calendar on this site or one that you guys like to use?  I seem to remember there was one here, but now I can't find it..

Than ks Matt!  Love the educational videos you post and really appreciate the overall experiene as well.  That probably didn't come across from my post in the middle of the night yesterday when I was stressed about the upcoming week ;) One thing you could have mentioned that would be completely valid (In my opinion) is the value that comes from the systems trades that are sent only to subscribers. I know the system trades aren't 100% because I've checked the stats, but it sure has seemed like it. I mostly use the signals as opportunities to lift some put protection (vice versa if it's a short signal)...but a win is a win. Hedging can be problematic because the moment I should be taking it off or lightening up is most often the time I start getting emotional  and want to add protection vs taking profits on what I have in place. The system alerts provide a valuable check. 
Note: In a perfect world, maybe sometime in the future, I'd love to see the newsletter in video format. Watching  your mouse pointer movements is very helpful. Otherwise, I find myself often pausing the newsletter to try and figure out exactly what you are talking about. However, I would defintiely want bookmarks on the video. Some people do this on YouTube videos but I'm not sure how difficult, or expensive it is to accomplish.  

YouTube vs Standard newsletter:  hopefully

Posted by jtsurfah on 11th of Oct 2021 at 07:38 am

YouTube vs Standard newsletter:  hopefully paid subscribers retain some benefit other than this forum?   Please try watching a subscriber version of a newsletter sometime soon when you're planning to post to YouTube as well. I think that you may be in You Tube viewer prespective mode and not realizing that your paid suscribers (trying to digest things quickly for the  upcoming week) are getting a bit shorthanged by a lot of commentary centered around mouse movements that I/we can't see with the newsletter version behind the paywall. I completely get the marketing push, but I personally would prefer it doesn't downgrade my paid experience. FWIW, I love the idea of video.....I watch an online tradnng site about 80% of every trading day and love it - but there are a LOT of them and I don't pay a dime for any of them. Anyway, for me it's important to be able to click through the parts of the newsletter I want to watch. That makes the "new" version of the newsletter behind the paywall the best option for me...except when I can't track what you're trying to communicate because it's a YouTube perspective.

ASPS Janurary expiration options are active today. Kind of intereting that they have moved that far out, vs staying in November.

Fed Officials selling ahead of the taper??     

Zoom access ever coming back?

Posted by jtsurfah on 5th of Oct 2021 at 01:33 pm

Zoom access ever coming back? I really liked that feature!

Thanks for the detail! I didn't have a chance to watch the newsletter last night. Will catch up today. My brochure on the Broker Check website says I'm a "portfolio manager." When I was forming my RIA the regulator pushed me for details about my fee structure for "financial planning." I was so burnt out with the process thatI ended up saying that I would only engage in portfolio management (fee only basis). Kind of a strange way for a CFP to register, but portfolio management is what I enjoy the most...and standing up a 1 man RIA is a bit of a compliance nightmare.

Wasn't making any accusations. I watch probably 50% of the videos each week and often try to match up my charts to yours, but can't (limitations witth moving average types offered on charting platform, etc). I don't remember seeing this trendline as a potential target but I've been sharing it with worried clients for about a week now. We'll see if it holds. Do you see a potential ABC pattern in that pullback?

Love this system. I took

QQQ McClellan system

Posted by jtsurfah on 5th of Oct 2021 at 11:41 am

Love this system. I took profits on a lot of put protection at the close yesterday. I was configured bearishly for a few weeks and was actually making money...but would have gotten crushed today without that trigger.

QQQ bounced right on the

Posted by jtsurfah on 5th of Oct 2021 at 11:33 am

QQQ bounced right on the trendline I've been following. Doesn't seem to be a popular way of drawing it though..not sure why.

Crazy. I try and explain

Quarterly charts

Posted by jtsurfah on 4th of Oct 2021 at 04:04 pm

Crazy. I try and explain risk to clients by using longer term charts like this with the 50 and 200 drawn in...but it's hard for many to get their head around the idea that it's actually possible. 

QQQ Put volume pretty huge but ratio is only at 1.3 to the put side. Big action between NOV 300 & 310 puts. Could be traders betting on declines to that level (another 10 - 15% down), or just taking advantage of the higer IV's? Always a guess when it comes to that. 

 chart URL's. Please keep them. 

Guy Adami made a good

Powell is the new Captain Obvious

Posted by jtsurfah on 28th of Sep 2021 at 12:23 pm

Guy Adami made a good point about that on Fast Money yesterday. Hard to call the Fed non partisan anymore now that the rotation from Fed to Treasury has established what seems like a very cozy relationship between the two. Not designed to be llike this...IMO

BABA just turned green.  On

Posted by jtsurfah on 28th of Sep 2021 at 12:21 pm

BABA just turned green.  On the move

TastyWorks? Any good? I've dropped CNBC in the background recently for TastyTrade live (at least part of the day...once CNBC starts repeating themselves).  Seeing how they can move their strikes around quickly to analyze complex strategies quickly has me pretty jealous...but I don't want to dump a big account into a broker that seems to be targeting smaller/ newbie trader accounts..

After hours prices count?  (technically not after hours for SPY until 15 minutes after the broad market closes)

IBB coiling action on the

Posted by jtsurfah on 31st of Aug 2021 at 03:45 pm

IBB coiling action on the shorter time frames...but to my eye it looks a bit sick and more likely to break down instead of up. Thoughts?

Love this - thanks! I'm going to look at the brokers I currently have in play before going back to TradeStation but looks like TS might be the way to go for at least the very active portion of my portfolios. Any idea if IB or TOS have similiar functionality (minus the part where you calculate position size)? I know they basically do...but is there added functionality through TS?


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