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These coil days are bad

Posted by donkeyface on 11th of Aug 2023 at 02:49 pm

These coil days are bad for you if you are always looking for a breakout... until it breakouts.  lol.   Life of a day-trading scalper.  :-)                  Hope everyone has managed well.

Forget how the charts gonna move,  I never know how to interpret this stuff (good or bad or neutral) for myself... so I assume it's padded and bad.  lol

also just for context... anyone interested...  here's the 2min with all the levels etc etc... and some custom indicators 

[the one up top shows how AAPL, MSFT, Adv/Dec, Weighted Adv/Dec (top 7 sp7) & unweighted Adv/Dec (blue line) are doing relative to current days open], 

then the lower studies are just a conglomeration of all my lessons on MACD and STOCHASTICS (this is only way I can stomach stochastic, changed the scale to -100 to 100 and made ONE line avg K/D)... 

I was shorting off of yesterday's London Close,  seems to be a spot for decent reactions lately,  the goal was to get it back to the nyOPEN,  but I gotta see more strength, less stalling to stay in a counter trend trade.   It stalled right at my 4609.25 pWeekHigh / July High (until this week).  

When you have to execute perfectly to get + 4.75pts.... it just aint for me.     life of a Scalper 🤦‍â™‚ï¸    It's probably the top and when I look in a hour it'll be at zero.... Also life of scalper.  LOL.   Have great weekend BPT fam.

I've got 4609.25 on my chart like 10x.... my best guess is.... flush that out, then drop back to 4600 and let everyone make up their minds again.  But I scalp.  And will likely let that one go.

brilliant.... isn't it gonna be nuts if the monthly / quarterly chart puts in a massive (close to ATH) lower high?

Isn't it great to call someone donkey.    .... We are back to the buy every 2 pt dip,   AlBrooks, et al are loving it.

These bears are like fruit flies, but worse, a 1 day life span.   I can't get over the enthusiasm.   But in the present moment, the market aint the economy and the economy isn't the market... BUT they always eventually line up properly.    I mean just go buy some milk and come at me with good inflation news.  You can't.   

Day is early though, so who knows.     Could be a liquidity grab above 4600 to head lower, trap some bulls..... idk.   I was expecting, not wanting, an inside day,  but a more than 50% retrace of yesterdays candle... ugggghhhhh

I TOTALLY AGREE THOUGH.   I was so wanting some bearish follow through and some clearly action,  but I guess too many people just like me wanted the same,   we gotta have people on the other side of our trade or this game doesn't exist. 

Dodged recession it looks like...      ........................................... not buying any bullish sentiment in macro world, but I'll long it trading. lol

I'd love KISS for like

11/30 ES Levels

Posted by donkeyface on 28th of Jul 2023 at 08:14 am

I'd love KISS for like 2min charts and 10min... gimme some LTFs fam.  LOL.      AND a day trading specific channel so you can tackle the 4 customers who day trade.  LOLOL... thanks as always,  this was great addition.

Duh Donkey!!  ðŸ˜‚.  I love inverse

what is $ONE?

Posted by donkeyface on 27th of Jul 2023 at 10:22 pm

Duh Donkey!!  ðŸ˜‚. 

I love inverse charts use em on TV all the time.   Not too familiar with  Stock Charts expect what you guys post.  


what is $ONE?

Posted by donkeyface on 27th of Jul 2023 at 06:10 pm

what is $ONE?

   This one is hilarious

This is crazy...   Seems

Kobeissi Letter

Posted by donkeyface on 19th of Jul 2023 at 11:07 pm

This is crazy...   Seems like a healthy backdrop to me!!! 


  • These 7 stocks are collectively up +44% YTD
  • The remaining 493 are up just +1% 

Obviously this has changed...   Just curious how the SP7 vs SP493 is looking now.   Thanks

CAN WE UPDATE THIS???   thanks

You’ve probably addressed this before… how are you getting these ES levels?    Is it manual or is there an indicator?   Also you guys could package up your Tradingview Indicators and sell them?!?  Thanks

I never have issues getting anything.   Since joining BPT over a year ago, I’ve removed almost 100% of my other resources in pursuit of efficiency… I just don’t need anything else anymore.  Thanks for what y’all do. 😉   

SP500:  LineChart DAILY, MAribbon, BBs...

Posted by donkeyface on 2nd of Jun 2023 at 04:20 pm

SP500:  LineChart DAILY, MAribbon, BBs...    Can't get long here.   Just feels like setting up MAX-PAIN scenario.


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