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Matt - pretty incredible stats, thanks for sharing.   I might actually be able to retire someday if I follow this closely!!

I am also just seeing

Zoom intra day access

Posted by darren_denn on 11th of Aug 2020 at 01:08 pm

I am also just seeing INX - seems like the data is frozen and not updating, anyone else have this problem?

Matt - will you be

Posted by darren_denn on 10th of Aug 2020 at 09:10 am

Matt - will you be posting the Tradestation screen on ZOOM today?  If so, could you resend the ZOOM address.....thanks!!

Matt - thanks for posting

Posted by darren_denn on 7th of Aug 2020 at 03:59 pm

Matt - thanks for posting the KISS system on ZOOM today - made an easy 5% on the E-minis this afternoon taking objective entries off the charts when the BPT turned green (since the underlying market trend is up I was only looking for long entries and not any short trades).  Many thanks - really a great tool!!


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