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fredsaid - I would suggest


Posted by craigm on 17th of Nov 2022 at 02:37 pm

fredsaid - I would suggest you paper trade futures several times so you understand how it works before risking real money. 

I started by trading the SPY systems using  options, but have moved to trading the ES system using MES contracts

Matt, MES is down about

Posted by craigm on 25th of Oct 2022 at 04:54 pm

Matt, MES is down about 20 pts from the 4:00 close. Just want to confirm that the the 3rd entry signal  is still valid. Will you be sending anything out either way??

I know SPY option trade

Posted by craigm on 6th of Oct 2022 at 05:42 pm

I know SPY option trade until 4:15pm, but when do they open for trading in the am. Is it 9:30, or before that? Thanks

Matt and Steve are the Dirty Harrys of TA 

Steve, just saw your note. I live in Naples as well. No power yet, but fortunately no house damage. Others not so lucky, especially Ft Myers area. Devastating.

anjali25: Supply Zone from last Friday on SPX/ES


Please clarify. System table for ES  entry # 42 shows a 3rd Entry taken on 9/2 for ES Bear Long Ver. 2. Is that correct? I was under the impression we did not get a 3rd entry for the ES Bear Long, only for the ES Strap. 

ghost long just my term. See Posted by James_Roeon 2nd of Sep 2022 at 12:10 pm to explain how those paint systems work. Watching the system being discussed in real time I have seen 3-4 long signals that subsequently disappeared during this down move. 

There was a ghost long on that last bounce - gone now. New one just printed....we'll see

/MESU22 expire in 17 days

I love trading the ES system  (using MES). The Buying Power Effect for 1 MES contract is approx $1,800 instead of having to tie up $20K for SPY. 

Yes, that is correct pep8261. So the logical question would be how does stockcharts have it on there?? I have stockcharts so I can use those charts, just wanted to get it on ToS if even possible. 

ToS Users: Does anyone have

Posted by craigm on 24th of Aug 2022 at 02:29 pm

ToS Users: Does anyone have a custom script that will add VWAP to SPX?  I know I can use VWAP on SPY or ES as proxies, but would like to be able to add to SPX chart if possible. Thanks 

retirefire: I like XLE, it has decent option volume. I mistimed my entry awhile back but then sold an ATM put near the low which played out for a nice gain. Also can do covered calls for additional income from time to time.  

Well said James. I have been a member for 3 yrs now and the system trades have been fantastic. I really like the addition of the ES/MES. I hope Matt will reconsider keeping that one long term. You don't have to deal with option theta decay or higher prices due to volatility, and there is the tax benefit of trading futures over stocks/options.  The stats have been quite good since we started tracking at  the beginning of the year. 

It has been interesting to see how much more these systems trade in a more volatile bear market than a grinding up bull market. So I can understand the confusion, especially if someone is relatively new.  As others have mentioned, pick a system trade, follow the signals for that system, and don't concern yourself with any additional systems trades that subsequently trigger. 

Thank you to you Matt and Steve for all you guys do. 

XLE - turned down at

FLGT, OXY follow up

Posted by craigm on 21st of Jul 2022 at 10:20 am

XLE - turned down at symmetry - maybe fill the gap?

scooter, symmetry works in uptrends and downtrends. Only, in my opinion, might need to see more of a difference to actually call it a "break". Maybe still just a rounding error. Have to see where it goes from here. 

I believe Matt mentioned last week that the open ES Bear Long trade entered on 7/13 is going to exit when the momo indicator turns back red.  Therefore, it's going to need a down day or a flattening out for several days in order to trigger an official exit would be my understanding. 

Bet she already knew that and was able to lock in some profits at the highs - she's just that good a trader   


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