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Dear Treasury Direct website: the '80s called and want's its technology back.

No offense meant here, but

systems trades

Posted by brophy on 25th of Oct 2022 at 05:35 pm

No offense meant here, but you could also learn to do your own T.A., and then you don't have to worry about somebody else's work. Not a criticism. Here's one of mine as simple as it gets... an SMA 10/50 on a 30 min chart. Want to be sure of your trade, trade your own work.

If that inverted Head and

Posted by brophy on 25th of Oct 2022 at 05:26 pm

If that inverted Head and shoulders play out the target is above 4000 in the gap. (Just occurred to me that there's a shampoo named after a Technical Analysis pattern! Or is it the other way around?)

Pop above Oct highs as

Posted by brophy on 25th of Oct 2022 at 10:23 am

Pop above Oct highs as stops are triggered.


Posted by brophy on 24th of Oct 2022 at 11:23 am

I am plotting the Bond CEFs Adv/Decl vs SPX not the NYSE, Matt. With all he volatility in the bond market lately it seems more sensitive and thus more frequent divergences.

 I think serious traders should

Posted by brophy on 22nd of Oct 2022 at 09:37 am

 I think serious traders should always be looking for their own discoveries to give them an edge. Tom McClellan piqued my interest with a divergence study between CEFs that are much more sensitive and move sooner, and SPX and I have been keeping track. Small sample size of a few weeks so far. Here's this week ONLY and the long divergence between the two as a heads-up for Friday's advance that other divergences did not reveal. Diverging Advance Decline lines. CEFs above SPX below.

IS IBD still labeling this "Market in Correction?"

I knew Steve would come through. Thanks, Steve. (It's a complex subject)

Ha! I see you viewed the same Youtube vid. Yes, but he is not the only one, by any means.

rf: I am not an expert on E-Waves, it's been a few years since I studied it, but I believe ABC are larger waves than XYZ (as you can see)  if memory serves, so technically you would be correct.

Plot  Elliot Wave and you

Posted by brophy on 21st of Oct 2022 at 08:22 am

Plot  Elliot Wave and you need 2 aspirin afterwards.

At least private companies at least have a profit motive to give you give service. Your gov't personnel and agencies do not. Both State and US Gov't.

I have called them and my friends have the same problem. No thanks. I'll stick with my brokers. They pick up the phone and offer advice. Also the website sucks.

I opened a Treasury Direct account, had a problem logging in and no one EVER answers the phone to fix it or answers an email...for weeks. Now unable to view my account. Should have known when a gov't agency runs things. Never again. Plenty of brokers offer Treasuries and bonds. Even if I don't get the I-Bonds. Not worth the headache.

Want good info on the

Posted by brophy on 20th of Oct 2022 at 09:14 am

Want good info on the start of today's market without all the BS of CNBS, Think or Swim Trader TV is a good place to go at 9 AM. Traders who previously traded in the Chicago pits give their unbiased opinions, TA, and even trading strategies (options.) Think or Swim is free.


Posted by brophy on 19th of Oct 2022 at 03:53 pm

...and that sneaky little 3-month.

Posted by brophy on 19th of Oct 2022 at 01:15 pm

...and that sneaky little 3-month.


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