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The difference is that the average American taxpayer benefits from the oil industry tax breaks, and always has. More oil industry tax credits= more oil drilled=lower gas prices at the pump. For everyone. That was the point. Your tax breaks on your solar panels benefit only you. I wonder how profitable Tesla would be without basically being tax payer funded? Not knocking you for taking advantage of it. It's there for you if you want it. OK, I'm done.

 tax credits.  "You're welcome,"  says the American taxpayer.

An economic slowdown in Germany is now more likely than ever as fresh troubles on the Rhine River pose a headache for shipping and heavy industry. Levels at Kaub, a key point on the waterway west of Frankfurt, are poised to breach 40 centimeters (15.75 inches) on Friday, and will continue to dwindle in navigability in the coming days. Below that marker, it’s not economical for many barges to transit the river, which is used to ship everything from oil & gas and coal to chemicals and grain.

What happened? Weeks of dry weather have weighed on Europe’s major waterway, with shallow depths preventing barges from loading their full volumes. The effects could ripple through the continent for months, just as the region is on the brink of recession from the war in Ukraine and untamed inflation. Economists estimate the Rhine disruption could knock half a percentage point off Germany’s growth this year, adding to the significant price pressures seen across many Western European countries.

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Nancy Pelosi Stock Tracker -

NVDA Updated View

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Nancy Pelosi Stock Tracker - @PelosiTracker_

Just keep the restrictions in mind. "I bonds earn interest for 30 years, but investorscan cash them any time after they are 12 months old. If an investor cashes an I bond before five years, the investor will lose the last three months of interest."

I guess I am the odd man out in not thinking this is a tremendous opportunity. Yes, the int % is great, but you are only allowed to invest $10,000. Not sure about you guys but that is jjsut a fraction of my investment $. What am I missing?

Who needs a subscription to a market newsletter when you can buy stock in a company and then write laws that you know are beneficial to the company. The best scam in the world. And it's perfectly legal!

Nancy Pelosi just disclosed a

Posted by brophy on 15th of Jul 2022 at 09:11 am

Nancy Pelosi just disclosed a $5M stake in Nvidia.  Now, she wants to invest $50B in a "chips plus" bill.  I'm sure there is absolutely zero correlation here.

"a HANDFUL of bad apples" ??!!Now, that's funny.

I've used Snagit for years. It's great. You can even record videos from your screen, hours-long ones, which is great for recording T.A. webinars etc. Unfortunately, they don't support older versions of themselves for cheapies like me. Windows has a program called paint, free with Windows, quirky but it works just as well.

That's pretty much spot on. You must be a CEO.

And +1000 -1000 tick is

ES futures

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And +1000 -1000 tick is a great place to take an opposite position if you're short term guy.

I also like the idea of avoiding company-specific shocks. Do all the T.A. you want, the CEO resigns and boom! goes your plan. Everyone needs a strat that fits him best.

Personally (and lazily) I find

Posted by brophy on 14th of Jul 2022 at 01:00 pm

Personally (and lazily) I find hunting for stocks too work-intensive. I buy SQQQ and TQQQ, up, down, up, down, using credit spreads to limit risk. A simple strategy for a simple mind.

Warren Buffett on CNBC just

Posted by brophy on 13th of Jul 2022 at 09:52 am

Warren Buffett on CNBC just now predicted June consumer #inflationto come in over 10%  Also expects Fed to hike rates by 100bp   #CPI

Largest negative $TICKsince June 16:

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Largest negative $TICKsince June 16: =1730

A simple observation in futures trading is that the more gaps to the upside the more overbought is the market. 9 is a lot.

The answer is obvious. And you answered it yourself.


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