Same. Set an alert for the Slow Stochastic trigger on TOS and it triggered quickly and traded just fine..

    you know this Trading View

    Posted by matt on 27th of Apr 2022 at 11:58 am

    you know this Trading View has all the TOS indicators that have been copied over

    the thing about Trading View

    Posted by matt on 27th of Apr 2022 at 12:02 pm

    the thing about Trading View that is nice is the stability. Tradestation is about the worst - tends to freeze up on fast moving days and you can miss trades because of this or get caught in them if it freezes. TOS is more stable but still if you have a lot of charts and things open it can still bog down and slow your computer. 

    Because Trading View is your browser, you don't need a supercomputer to run it, it's butter smooth - just have a ton of monitors for your charts and that's it. 

    Now for the broker where your trades are executed I wish they had more options like IB and other places, but for me who already had a Tradestation account that I use for the systems - it links right up to Tradestation so that my trades get executed in TS -I can execute my trades 10 times frater in Trading View than I can directly from Tradestation 


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