GBTC Bitcoin Trust. Weekly Close.

    Posted by goldnice on 9th of Jan 2021 at 06:53 pm

    GBTC Bitcoin Trust. Weekly Close. Currently in a confirmed {Wave 3} advance. Full 5 wave structure potential. Gold has a $10 trillion market cap and bitcoin needs to get to $50k to get a $1 trillion market cap. MARA RIOT BTBT MSTR 

    Goldnice - please re-visit your

    Posted by steve on 10th of Jan 2021 at 11:02 am

    Goldnice - please re-visit your Elliot Wave labeling on your GBTC chart as you have two rule breakers.  First of all wave 3 cannot be the shortest wave as you have depicted. Also wave 4 cannot overlap wave 1 unless in a diagonal which this is clearly not.  Consider a nested 1-2 count as one valid option. 


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