Victorh - first of all the trade ideas section has NOT been dropped, you can find it by clicking on the newsletters header tab in black above and you will see a drop down that includes the trade ideas section. I have proposed that we create a new header above for Trade Ideas as some members have not perused the website and located them. 

    Second, there isn't another site on the planet who even comes close to how comprehensive our newsletters are EACH NIGHT and on the WEEKENDS. Most simply send out a few words and a couple of charts or a small audio piece. When there are no major changes and especially during the holiday light trade we believe it's prudent to get thru most charts quickly and spend extra time on relevant areas (if some stand out).  Lastly, to find relevant posts you can simply use the search button above (in Green) or if you want to see posts by Steven or Matt you can simply click on that button in green overhead to see only our posts.  It appears you have overlooked some of these features on the new site so please investigate when you have some free time.  

    Matt, I don't understand how

    Posted by tradeit007 on 5th of Dec 2017 at 07:38 am

    Matt, I don't understand how anyone can criticize this website that you have developed. This is the best we traders have available to us. Thank you! Please tell Victorh he needs an attitude adjustment.


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