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Just another slingshot waiting to be released on Tuesday, that's what every down day has been since end of Oct.

Yeah I think $6T on the sidelines is a little misleading but we definitely are crashing up and the the govt will continue to print money to pay all these debt payments. No idea when it ends or if we go into a catabolic hyperinflation period like Japan did back in the day.

That is pretty interesting and not that far-fetched. I'm also reading that so many people and companies these days are trading using algos and auto-trading systems that you can't try to fight them as they'll just out-perform and eat up all your mistakes to keep the train going in the right direction.

There is not a damn

Posted by icecoldjones on 16th of Feb 2024 at 02:12 pm

There is not a damn thing in hell that will slow this market down! Not even something catastrophic. I have $200k in dry powder on the sidelines and I'm about to just dump it all in at this point, the pullback isn't coming!

That does make a ton of sense Digi, it seems like everyone's reaction the day of data is that rate cuts might get pushed back and then it just releases the rubberband the next day or 2 as inflation is good for stocks, like you said. It's overreaction and then correction and I'm left holding the bag again...

UNG is already in the KISS STS Tables and BOIL is just a leveraged version of UNG so you can trade BOIL when UNG goes long if you want. It's not going to have KOLD on there as the KISS tables aren't for shorts.

CPI came in HOT HOT HOT on all fronts!

Someone once told me the market doesn't only go up, boy were they wrong...

Hahaha, it's been over 3 years and plenty of time to do what you wanted to do there, give it up bro!

This is only the 2nd

Posted by icecoldjones on 2nd of Feb 2024 at 05:07 pm

This is only the 2nd day in 62 years the S&P jumped 1% on a day when there were 2 losers for every winner on the NYSE exchange.

The other was the day after Black Monday.

I couldn't agree more Digi, and I'm not sure how the calculation works but could it just be that so many people are grabbing second jobs these days that very few that were unemployed are now employed but actually those that were already employed just grabbed second jobs increasing the number of jobs taken in the US?!?!  No clue but it doesn't seem to jive unless we did just hand out free low paying jobs to all migrants into the country.

Yesterday was the biggest tease ever as I just lost all my gains from my shorts and then some today.

Isn't this going to lead to a lot of pain in the future? I can't wrap my head around how this is a good thing at all.

This market makes me want

Posted by icecoldjones on 11th of Jan 2024 at 03:01 pm

This market makes me want to vomit...

Haha that would be pretty risky seeing inflation just came in hot and could cause a rapid spike. That page shows a 100% chance of a cut in Jun, Jul, Sep, Nov and Dec haha! That seems absurd and would indicate a recession if you ask me.

I sold at 6.60, was

Gas is pumping!

Posted by icecoldjones on 9th of Jan 2024 at 02:54 pm

I sold at 6.60, was going to at 6.80 but work has been slammed during Dec month-end close so I got sidetracked unfortunately...

Yeah this can easily gap

Gas is pumping!

Posted by icecoldjones on 9th of Jan 2024 at 01:23 pm

Yeah this can easily gap down >50 cents tomorrow and I'd be kicking myself...     once you lose on so many single stocks you forget how to sell a winner LOL

Would it be smart to

Gas is pumping!

Posted by icecoldjones on 9th of Jan 2024 at 01:12 pm

Would it be smart to just sell all my UNG or trail up a stop here? This upcoming week is looking nasty in Chicago but I think the market would already be baking in anything they see 1-2 weeks out, is that the proper way of looking at it?

You must be referring to QQQ because SPY was only up 1.4%.

Below 50 and it means the economy is contracting, not expanding, and it almost tapped 50. Yet, the market is rallying from the point this dropped which I find interesting. Last time it was under 50 was Jan 2023 and before that May and June 2020 during Covid.


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